Broken Prayer


God I’m looking around at our broken world … a world you made … a world you love. I think about the terrible things that your Creatures do to one another. I’m aware of the wars that exist between nations, groups of people, cultures, and even within ourselves.

I’m praying for the Christians in Israel and Palestine who are brothers and sisters in the blood of Christ but who cower under the sound of rockets surrounded by the blood of their families.

I’m praying for the children pouring into our country with no hope and no future … and those who would frown at them and want them to go away.  Children trying to survive in a world they did not create. Children without beds, who deserve to be loved just as much as our children safely tucked away in their beds tonight.

I’m praying for the people in godless nations gathered to worship who whisper their prayers, sing softly, commune in darkness, and who risk everything to worship you.

I’m praying for the children who are traded and abused for purposes their young bodies are not prepared for. And for the lifetime of scars they will carry, if they live.

I’m praying for the people I passed by today without noticing … who just needed a smile.

I’m praying for those in hospital beds who have heard news they never wanted to hear, and who have no one to comfort them.

I’m praying for the person reading these words right now and the pains they have suffered, the disappointments, and the burdens they carry.

It seems like a broken prayer … just a frail expression … but it is an expression of trust in a powerful Father.

Had it not been for You, Lord, the waters of hurt and anger would have engulfed us. Bless your name Lord, you’ve somehow set us free from the Enemy’s grasp. Our help is in You. Our hope is in You. (From Psalm 124)

Thanks for reading.


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