Just so you guys know I’m not the web-savvy guru that some of you think I am, I deleted my first post. Accidentally. I was trying to merge my posts from the old blog into this one, and blogger wouldn’t allow it to happen totally. Only about 75% of my posts came through, so I tried again. In my little world I thought that WordPress would just see that it already had most of them and get the ones it didn’t have. Wrong. I had three and four copies of all of my previous posts…hundreds. Yes, hundreds of posts to delete one by one. And when I was zoned out on this duty, my post from today got deleted as well. And I had like 16 comments!!! But rest assured I saw them all … they also arrive via e-mail. I appreciate your encouragements so much! I just decided the best way to deal with this is to allow my brilliance to be on exhibit! Ah well, I’ll get used to this thing…it’s just different from Blogger.

Well, Celebrity Duets is on and I don’t want to miss the performances nor the winner. I’ll update in a little while. Wonder who will win? Perhaps Hal Sparks?


I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see who wins.

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