Book Review: The Recovery-Minded Church

The Recovery-Minded Church: Loving and Ministering to People with AddictionThe Recovery-Minded Church: Loving and Ministering to People with Addiction by Jonathan Benz
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Jonathan Benz with Kristina Robb-Dover have given the church quite a gift in this book. I picked it up a few years ago and just recently re-engaged and I’m so glad I did. I highly recommend it for all church ministers and leaders. Not only is it poignant and compassionate in its presentation of the struggle of addiction, the book contains an intensive on practical information for outreach into the recovery community. Some of my dearest friends are in recovery. So many wonderful people are engaging the recovery community. Many of them are finding a relationship with Jesus Christ to be the energy they need to overcome. As a minister, I want our church (and myself) to be ready to love, accept, walk with, and enjoy relationships with those in recovery. This book tells us how to do that. I’m very grateful.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Many people are finding relationship with Jesus because they knew that they need God in their lives, reading his book is the only way to communicate with him, to talk with him and to be with him. Have Jesus in your life.

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