Book Review: Jesus and the Disinherited

I can’t remember who recommended this book to me, but they blessed me in a huge way.

Jesus and the DisinheritedJesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An amazing book. I regret I did not read this as a younger man. The insights into the lives of the ‘disinherited’ and the life of Jesus were eye opening and challenging. The final chapter presented hope and a path. I wish it were required reading for every college freshman or even high school seniors.

As I look back through it I highlighted much of the book. I especially appreciated the viewpoint of Jesus as someone who could be viewed as one of the ‘disinherited’ … living an impoverished life under the rule of a foreign power that did not identify with his race. Sometimes in exalting the Son of God perspective we can lose sight of the man Jesus of Nazareth who lived in a particular setting and time with challenges that were enhanced by the powerful Roman establishment.

As I read this and considered what Mr. Thurman was presenting I wondered how this book could have been written today with the refugee crisis in mind? A lot to think about. The answer, as Thurman rests his case, is love as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ. But he doesn’t suggest it is easy or uncomplicated.

Very grateful to have spent time with this book and Im sure I will return to it.

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