Book Question and Winner!

Congratulations to Rusty Pettus for being randomly chosen to win the Tim Keller book. Thanks to all of you who commented (and for your kind comments). I will do another giveaway soon … just a small way of sharing with others! 

Until then … as we wrap up 2017 … what’s the best book you read this year on a spiritual theme? I think we can stipulate that the BIBLE is the very best….so other than that? Would love to hear what book has impacted your faith and spiritual journey this year.

I had a goal on Goodreads to read 25 books this year. I finished 21 and am close with a few others…I might make it! It’s hard to pick one that was most beneficial to me. I do think, though, that the one that touched my heart the most was MONDAYS WITH MY OLD PASTOR.  Check it out!

TKellerOnce again, Rusty will be receiving the excellent Tim Keller book of devotionals from Proverbs. Rusty is the minister for the Natural Bridge Church of Christ in Lynn, Alabama. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter


Here’s a New Year prayer I found in the Spill The Beans publication that I’d like to share:

Sweep out the old.

Sweep in the new.

Sweep out fear.

Sweep in love.

Sweep out war.

Sweep in peace.

Sweep out poverty.

Sweep in sharing.

Sweep out all that breaks God’s heart.

Sweep in love and compassion.

The gifts of God for us to share.


Wherever life finds you today, remember that out here hope remains. JD



  1. The most impactful book I read this year was God at War by Greg Boyd. It rocked my theology and will require much more investigation, but I think he’s onto something there. Another very helpful book was The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight.

  2. While I’ve yet to finish it, the most inspiring book I’ve read this year is Psalms by the Day by Alec Moyer. It is both exhaustive and invigorating.

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