Blogless Week?

We had a good Sunday at Central and enjoyed a wonderful fellowship meal together. We had first-time community visitors with us and we hope that they will want to come back and worship with us again soon. I spent some time with Robbie this afternoon and he did some work around the church building.

 It was great to have my friend and elder Jim Ingram back from his month-long trip to New Zealand and Australia. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him today, but he obviously enjoyed his trip. His big smile was a happy sight to see today.

I have a speaking appointment in the Atlanta area at the end of the month on a Sunday morning and would enjoy speaking at another congregation on Sunday night. Also I have an appointment in East Tennessee the next Sunday morning and would enjoy speaking at another congregation that Sunday night. The Wednesday in between is open. So… if anyone within driving distance of those areas would like a hurricane relief presentation, get in touch with me asap.

This week I will be attending a retreat for preachers. If I have an opportunity to post anything, i will do so. I am sorry that this comes in the middle of my posts on KINGDOM COME. I will have my book with me, though, and if I can post another chapter, I will. I just ask your patience if I cannot.

Well, It’s getting late and I have a lot to do before my trip. I hope you all have a great week. It could be a blogless week here, but go ahead and check every now and then … you never know when I might syphoon off a wireless signal and sneak in a post!

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