Blogging: Dead or Alive?

Last week Matt Dabbs and Jay Guin published a list the Top 25 Church of Christ Blogs. Thanks for visiting this blog enough that it made the list! Be sure to check out the rest of that list. There is much good reading to be found there!

I’ve been contemplating whether blogs are dead or alive. As we all know the time of the blog explosion is past. For a while there new blogs were popping up every day. Then came the discipline of writing something often enough for people to stop by. Creating a blog? No sweat. Keeping a blog going – requires a lot of thought and effort. Many blogs gathered dust after a while, having been abandoned by their hopeful authors.

Then along came incredible growth in other means of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. (Yes, there were others but these became predominant.) Then arose the need for a new kind of service that ties them all together so you do not have to keep up with several sites or post separately at several sites. In the past year, though, the folks over at Facebook have managed to create an internet space that is neatly saturated with everything we want to do on the net (mostly). So is that a blog killer? Hardly.

I think Facebook has given blogging a new resurgence of interest. Networked Blogs is a Facebook app that feeds your blog posts into the Facebook news stream. It is true that the stream is busy, and it would be easy to miss that notification that you have a new post. But it is there. If I were serious about never missing a post on a particular blog, I would use a reader such as Google Reader to keep up.  But the Networked Blogs app does give you exposure to a group of people who may not read blogs often.

I looked at the list of the Top 25 Church of Christ Blogs on Networked Blogs. Most of them are there, allowing me to follow them from my Facebook account. Those that have not made that connection may be non-Facebook users (is there such a thing any more???). Time to get on board folks! It will give you opportunity to share your excellent writing with a wider audience.

I also notice a large number of blogs that do not have a SHARE THIS button on their blog. This allows readers to share your post on a large number of social networks. That is a must have! It is fairly simple to add via a text widget in your sidebar.

So, if blogging was lagging, it is now flying! Thanks to excellent work being done by authors … and by the use of social network sharing opportunities such as Share This, Networked Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

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