Blogging: A Great Outreach Tool

Several people asked for my notes from the blogging class I taught at Tulsa Workshop. I suggest you buy the CD (it helps fund the workshop), but over the next few days I’ll post some of the thoughts I presented in class that day. jd
Taking a few liberties with Acts 2:5-6, I think we can find some similarity of blogging to first century sharing of the gospel.

Now there were posting on their blogs God-fearing Christians from every nation under heaven. When they wrote their posts, a crowd came together to comment, because each one heard them speaking in their own language.

My first blogpost: July 26, 2004. At that time we still had to explain the term “blog” (a combination of the words web and log/journal). It seems everyone has a blog these days. And some people are blogging who do not even know they are blogging, which I will demonstrate in another post!

I think it is important to emphasize that Christian blogging can be a great outreach tool. There is certainly enough evil to be found on the internet, and it would be a good thing to have more of God’s message present. Here are six reasons why blogging can be an effective outreach tool:

1. It can express kingdom values through the use of a neutral tool. There are blogs on every subject imaginable (and beyond the imagination). Christian blogging takes a neutral tool and uses it to God’s glory. There are some efforts to organize the ministry aspect of it. One is Ryan Parson’s Church Blog Theory. He surmises that if more Christians were blogging, Christianity would have a greater influence on the net. In a similar vein, James Nored’s Missional Outreach Network is encouraging greater emphasis on the Kingdom message on the internet.

2. It is a way of sharing good news about God’s works. Testimony is powerful and blogs open up the opportunity to share God’s good works in your life with the world.

3. It is a way of bringing encouragement to hurting and struggling people. As you read blogs, you will become personally acquainted with hurting people. You can be a source of help and encouragement to them. I have found that my darkest days have been brightened by supportive comments on my blog.

4. It is a source of prayer as we discover the needs of others. As one who believe in prayer, we have the opportunity to bring before the Heavenly Father the needs of others. I think it is especially important to offer prayer for those who have not decided to become Christians. I know very few people who do not appreciate prayers / thoughts for thier well being.

5. It is a way to share church news and events within your community. It’s a community bulletin board to let them know what’s happening.

6. It is a natural way to share your thoughts about the Scriptures. It is, after all, your blog. And your ruminations on God’s word will be meaningful to others who read your posts.

In the next post I want to offer twelve ways to create a buzz about your blog!

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