Blog Blessings


I’ve got a few things I’ve been wanting to write about, but it hasn’t seemed the right time yet (don’t read anything cryptic into that!). So, until I get to those, here are some blog blessings I’ve picked up recently.

Five Lies That Shipwreck Our Reaching the Lost by Andy Miller.

A F.R.E.S.H. Look at Gluttony (Part 1 of 4) by Carl Jenkins.

Four Ways NOT to Treat Your Preacher by Danny Dodd.

Blue by Keith Brenton.

A Cubs Fan: Suffering, Waiting and Hoping by Rex Butts on Peter Horne’s God Meets Ball Blog!

Ever Failed? by Scott McCown.

Praying 50 Times a Day by Matt Dabbs.

Why Should Anyone Want To Be a Christian? by Terry Rush.

To Be or Not To Be Negative by Timothy Gunnells.

Lots of blessings to be picked up there… enjoy them! JD