Blessed Backpacks

As children across America head back to the classroom in a few weeks, many of them will not have the supplies they need. I always admire churches that have back – to – school giveaways to help the kids who can’t afford the items that will help them have the best educational experience that they can. Unfortunately I never think ahead far enough to be prepared for an effort like this.

But my friend Quincy Gardner does. He is in touch with about 25 kids who need help with school supplies due to the circumstances of their lives. They may have lost a parent or have parents who are ill. Some of them are from single parent homes where the income has severely limited what they can purchase.

If you live in a city where there is an effort like this, I encourage you to participate in it! But if you live in the Monroe area and you’d like to help Quincy gather the supplies for the children he knows, then I invite you to join me in that.

Needed are backpacks (he currently needs 10, but the teachers always know of other students who need help). One thing I love is that Quincy encourages each person who gives to write a note of encouragement to the children. One church had a youth group that wrote notes of encouragement to go into the backpacks! Other supplies needed to go in the backpack include snacks, pencils, folders, paper, stickers, erasers, hand sanitizer, gift cards, mats, beach towels, stuffed animals, any school supplies.  He also will fall short in some supplies, so money is always needed as well.

I encourage you to do this as a family … buy a backpack and fill it with school supplies. If you want to get it directly to Quincy, I can give you contact information. If you would like to get that to me, you can drop it at Forsythe Church of Christ and we will get it to Quincy so he can bless the children.

I have a feeling that even if we collected 50 backpacks, we could find needy children who would know that a community of Christian people cares for and loves them. They need to know that no matter how difficult their living situation is, out here hope remains.