Big List O’Blogs Update

MATT has been doing some excellent organizational work on his blog, and I’m hoping to catch up to him one day. He recently upgraded his blog roll, which inspired me to spend some time this afternoon working on my Big List O’Blogs. I used his list to add several blogs to my list. Then I began to realize that I have another blogroll on my website located HERE. I also have a list on my Google Reader. So I’m thinking that I’ve got blogs listed in three different places – and they all have some unique entries. So I’m going to put my attention to the Big List O’Blogs and eliminate the other list. I’m not finished, but I have made a lot of changes in the list.

As I look at the blogs and they do not have posts in the past five or six weeks, I go ahead and remove them. No true blogger can go that long without a post! Although, I did make a few exceptions (Bobby Cohoon, you are on the chopping block brother! Get back to blogging!) I have posts from people who belong to the Church of Christ, and many who belong to other fellowships. Basically it’s a list for me that I hope you enjoy.

If you have a blog you’d like listed there, let me know and I’ll link it! If you happen to find a dead link or something, just let me know!

Thanks for reading…all the blogs. That is what makes this so much fun…and so interesting.

Oh, and what would a post about blog links be without blog links?

I dream about buying cars a lot more often than I buy them. Here’s to the rebirth of a new dream! (HT: Bill at Spiritual Oasis)

Patrick Mead deals fairly with a controversial subject: Clapping in worship. Part One  –  Part Two.

Terry Rush writes about a new video series he has recorded. I was not able to attend the taping, but have two pictures from a spy source that was there. They are posted below! (This could be TerryGate!)

Matt’s online list of Bible Study Resources. I told you he was getting organized! Thanks for sharing, Matt.

A new approach to Youth Ministry.

Brian enters a great post, using the story of LOST as a background.


Thanks Mike!

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