Best Tweets From the RightNow Conference November 8


Best Tweets from Right Now Conference Friday, November 8th!* You can find a multitude of tweets by going to Twitter and searching for hashtag #rightnow13.

@KATIEMARIE005 I am Yours #PraiseTheLord #RightNow13 #awesomeness

@RobJacobs_ We should leave church thinking more about what Jesus has done than what we need to do.” @PastorTullian

@DaveMcInnis Beware of your dreams, because God is enough. He’s not enough because he makes your dreams come true. You’re thinking of Santa.

@CooperGreg The three words that encompass the Christian faith are not Just Do It, they are It is Finished. @PastorTullian

@DaveMcInnis The “weary and heavy laden” come to church and leave with “holy” to-do lists.

@DaveMcInnis There is no more exhausting organization on the planet than the church..

@russnmichelle Everything you long for in Christ, He’s already given to you.

@kyle_alonso: “The world says that you are what you do. God says that you are what Jesus has done for you.”-Tullian Tchividjian

@NathanCCI @PastorTullian Immanuel Kant says you are what you do. The Bible says you are what Jesus did for you.

@3saSadler God does not count our sins against us because he has already counted out sins against Christ. @PastorTullian

@jbannister50 The biggest problem in the church today is not cheap grace…but cheap law.–Tullian Tchividjian

@DFlug: I wish I could say I surrender all 2 Jesus, I can’t, but I can say that Jesus surrendered all 4 me. @PastorTullian

@Brandon1Sanchez Grace offends us b/c it says there’s nothing we can do 2 earn salvation.We’re addicted to self-salvation projects-@PastorTullian

@kevin_bryant Cheer up. You are a lot worse off than you think you are. But God’s grace is so much bigger. @PastorTullian

@kevin_bryant Pastors, your people will never recognize their desperate need for the gospel if YOU don’t show a desperate need for the gospel

@DFlug An idol is anything smaller than Jesus that gives us significance and validation.  Tullian Tchvidjian

@TransformWords “You need the gospel just as much right now as the day you were saved.” @PastorTullian

@TransformWords “What’s the cause of our exhaustion? We’re trying to save ourselves, even people inside the church.” @PastorTullian

@onepursuit Everybody is weary and heavy-laden. Church should be the one place where pol are not evaluated based on performance.

@TransformWords “Church should be the one place in all of society where weary and heavy laden people can come to find rest.” @PastorTullian

@DustinSlaton Following Jesus doesn’t always result in a change of occupation, but it does result in a change of preoccupation. @timchaddick

@kevin_bryant You already have 21 slots a week to engage your mission. Invite people to eat with you. @daveferguson

@coffeeislife The church is a community with a purpose above itself. – Tim Chaddick

@TransformWords “If I desire to be influential for the sake of myself I will always hit a wall.” @timchaddick

@TransformWords “If you put community above Jesus, you kill it. If you put Jesus above community, you create it.” @timchaddick

@StudentlifeAce “First, we are called to be “with” God before we are called to “do” for God.” ,Tim Chaddick

@RightNowMedia God made homes for intimacy, not isolation & pain. Our homes are glimpses of heaven not a foretaste of hell. @kurtbruner

@RightNowMedia How often do I feel a pain in my heart when someone else succeeds? ENVY @timchaddick

@spdunigan We always focus on getting the gospel OUT but we need to get the gospel IN first. @timchaddick

@Nicolaslong817 If I seek to master the scriptures, I become a Pharisee. If I seek to be mastered by the scriptures, I become a disciple.

B.egin with prayer.
S.tory of what Jesus has done in your life.
That’s how you B.L.E.S.S. #OnMission

@BrendanDBagnell “We need more Bible practice groups, not more Bible study groups.” – Bill Donahue

@StudentlifeAce “We need spiritual guides not project managers.” Bill Donahue

@Mrcgov Christians have become more known for their talking than for their listening. Listen. Seek to understand first.

@scottwaldrop “You are a priest and your neighborhood is your parish” @daveferguson

@BrendanDBagnell “We have reduced Christianity to eternal rewards instead of sitting at His feet and learning from Him.” – Bill Donahue

@isaimc “In order 2 create a disciple-making, church/campus multiplying movement, everyone will need to have an apprentice”@daveferguson

@svg12777 The battle is God’s so go to Him first!!! @RightNowMedia #rightnow13”

@JessGrove1996 You’d be surprised to see what the people in your church would do, if you’d just let them! @daveferguson

@Blubwhip51 Craziness or Death… What’s it gonna be Church? @wordsfromwags

@Blake_Gearhart “Movement is not about size, it’s about leader readiness.” @daveferguson

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