Best Tweets from the RightNow Conference November 7


Phil Vischer, Creator of Veggie Tales, speaks at RightNow. Picture by @rickmcclain

Best Tweets from Right Now Conference Wednesday, November 6th!*  You can find a multitude of tweets by going to Twitter and searching for hashtag #rightnow13.

@mrsclements77 If it’s not in the Word, forget what you heard.

@TransformWords “If you model the word of God in your life, you will be selfless and sacrificial.” @wordsfromwags

@EdgeStuMin God’s heart is not to rip you off but to set you free. Read about it students: Deuteronomy 6:18.

@DaveMcInnis A committee is a group that as individuals can do nothing and collectively agree that nothing can be done.

@prveal “Great leaders see every problem as an opportunity to drive people to something greater than themselves.” @wordsfromwags

@cruciformlife “My closeness to God is not based on how well I’ve lived but on how well Jesus lived in my place.” @jdgreear

@AmieJonessays God doesn’t want you generous for Season, but generous for a lifetime. @jdgreear

@MattFurby “God’s acceptance is the power that liberates us from sin, not the reward for us liberating ourselves.” @jdgreear

@apriljuanita “Do what you do well for the glory of God, then do it for the strategic mission of God” jd greear 

@carolinekpoe Morning prayer – God help me become a gospel loving person that reproduces gospel loving people who change the world – JDGreear

@petetheheat2003 Our goal is not to change people, but to present Christ!

@Mrcgov “There should be a point in every sermon where the pens go down and the eyes go up” JD Greear. It’s about worship.

@RightNowMedia Breakout Wisdom: “Be intentional. Make yourself available to God. Lead others. Serve others.” @eddiemosley

@brettmyles “If we worship our way into sin, then we must worship our way out.” – @PaulTripp

@RightNowMedia When a leader gets better, everybody gets better. @wordsfromwags

@Morganmason We all succumb to self sabotage. We only allow people to love us as much as we love ourselves.

@RightNowMedia Take the time to tell people why they aren’t ready to be an elder. @wordsfromwags

@chrisplunkett Don’t pick elders because they are rich or successful. Find people after God’s own heart. @wordsfromwags

@RightNowMedia We were created to work, it is integral to who we are. God is a worker and we reflect His work. -Tom Nelson

@jbannister50 You will find that the least evangelized nations are also the least developed countries.–J D Greear.

@jbannister50 A gospel witness without BOTH deeds AND words is a false witness.–J D Greear.

@AmieJonessays Don’t be a slave to people’s praise!!

@jbannister50 The reason God gave Israel the Law was so they could be a blessing to others.–Todd Wagner.

@DaveMcInnis Biblical Elders are called to be above reproach, but no one is above rebuke.

@MichaelKnipe Where would we be if Jesus approached His strengths and assets the way we approach ours? @jdgreear

@TedRGrove Lead people, not to satisfy their wants, but to lead them to the One who satisfies. @wordsfromwags

@TedRGrove Jesus did not come to give you bread, but to be your bread. @wordsfromwags

@TedRGrove Evangelism is doing normal life with Gospel intentionality ~ @jdgreear

@lsheavyd Some of us need to say no to the place where we are needed in order to stay in the place where we are irreplaceable.

@kevin_bryant Church is supposed to be like a huddle in a football game. The point is to run the play and not just call the play. @jdgreear

@Mrcgov Every Christian should have a missional vision for their work. JD Greear

@treygroves Evangelism: two nervous people talking to each other.

@DFlug The Gospel spread through the known world in Acts by business people, not the Apostles. -JD Greear

@BrendanDBagnell “Closed countries can be reached by average Christian businesses providing jobs for those in those countries.” – JD Greear

@mrsclements77 Anything I am unwilling to let go of, is an idol. @philvischer

@petetheheat2003 He who has God and nothing else has the same as he who has God and all the riches of this world. You can’t add to infinity.

@tperkins135 “You may live the rest of your life without your dream but that’s okay because you’ll have God.” @philvischer

@thehorvath “If a dream comes to life & then dies, maybe God is seeking what is more important to you – the dream or Him.” @philvischer

@GrantSkeldon “You have to be whatever you want to see multiplied in the ministry.” | @JPokluda #RightNow13 that’s weighty

@MattFurby “Our victory is on the other side of obedience to God’s divine strategy.” Thanks @PriscillaShirer for amazing encouragement!

@CooperGreg “It would be a shame if our enemy was more convinced about our power & potential we have in God than we are.” @PriscillaShirer

@DaveMcInnis Judges 7.20 “A sword for the Lord…” Even the weapon in the hand of the enemy belongs to the Lord!

@kevin_bryant God is who He says He is and He will do what He said He will do. What if we lived like it? @PriscillaShirer

@MelanieBigger “The battle starts on your knees, fought from a stance of victory, and waged using divine strategy.” @PriscillaShirer

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