Best of Tweets from the Right Now Conference November 6th



Todd Wagner preaching at the Right Now Conference

Best Tweets from Right Now Conference Wednesday, November 6th!*  You can find a multitude of tweets by going to Twitter and searching for hashtag #rightnow13.

Hope this gives you a flavor of the great teaching here! Plan to be here next year!

Todd Wagner’s Message: Choose Daily to Follow Him

(Todd Wagner: @wordsfromwags)

@RightNowMedia “A lot of times we ask, ‘Why is their ministry so much more well known than mine?!'”

@JennaMilleson “Don’t come to the conference to expand your ministry. Be here to expand your heart for Jesus.”

@antwuanmalone “God is always sovereign. He is not fooled by scandals or schemers.”

@Indydannysmith “Judas did ministry like all the others. God is using people that don’t truly know Him and He’s gonna shake that out”.

Eric Mason’s Message: Breaking Free From Strongholds 

Eric Mason: @pastoremase

@DJJustSayin “A stronghold is ANYTHING that makes itself look better thank Jesus.”

‏@antwuanmalone “When God doesn’t move in our time, we start winging it.”

‏@TransformWords “In the midst of Gideon’s mess, God showed up.”

‏@basicatlang “Sanctification is the process of making sin junkies more like Jesus.”

@nbcofc “Our mess does not surprise God.”

@DaveMcInnis “Functional dysfunctional. New “normals” when we’re so used to the brokeness in our lives that we don’t see it’s broken. Jg 6.11″

‏@artramo “God is the worst people chooser in the planet.”

‏@RightNowMedia “God loves to pick people who will be faithful based on the amount of forgiveness they received.”

@cruciformlife “God likes to choose the team that will bring Him the most glory.”

@RightNowMedia “To break through strongholds, God demands that you have a radical commitment to face your strongholds head on.”

@antwuanmalone “When you get free from strongholds, everyone won’t be happy.”

@TransformWords “When God sets you free, he’s not setting you free to set you free. He’s setting you free to set everybody free.”

@tperkins135 “Having an encounter w God is not just crying at the altar, sometimes it is wrestling w God.”

‏@BrendanDBagnelll “God won’t remove something without anointing something else to be put there. God is not a taker, He’s a giver!”

@realjoshcooper “A stronghold is a mindset, value set, or belief system that hinder our growth”

‏@Indydannysmith “Strongholds are not drinking, porn, etc. Rather they are places in our mind where unbelief exist as a result of disappointment.”

@Brandon1Sanchez “Deal with your strongholds…God hasn’t asked you to leave something he hasn’t already anointed you to exit”

J R Vassar’s Message: The Primacy of Love

(J R Vassar @jrvassar)

‏@JennaMilleson “Until the opinion of the One who matters most, matters most to you, you will always be a slave to your glory hunger”

‏@cruciformlife “Our glory hunger is an echo of Eden. We want that ‘very good’ spoken over us once again.”

@SScottC “Jesus is primarily concerned not with our usefulness to him, but our love for him.”

@coffeeislife “Sin is always a vandalization of a relationship, not just a violation of a set of rules.”

‏@AmieJonessays “Passion for Jesus is not a personality thing, its a revelation thing.”

@ginaradke “So you want to see people on Sunday, or in group for numbers sake, or because you love them?”

@marv_nelson “Why are MOST staff meetings (retreats) about strategy and not intimacy with Jesus?”

‏@RightNowMedia “God I want You to do great things, but I want You to do them through me.” We have to make sure we don’t end up there.

@SScottC Love Jesus and love his people, or go find something else to do. JR Vassar

@basicatlang “What if your only role in a city or community was hidden prayer? Prayer that no one but God knew about?”

‏@ZachWLambert “When your heart isn’t filled with love for Christ and love for people, it will always be filled with love for self.”

@pastoremase “Jesus isn’t as concerned about our usefulness to Him as much as our love for Him. ”

Larry Osborne’s Message: wandering Eyes

Larry Osborne @larryosborne

@Cludog On page 4 of the Bible we see brother killing brother over how to worship. Maybe we should have learned a lesson.

‏@kevinsconner “The breeding ground for Pharisees is godly, passionate, good people.”

@KDofSNL “Most dangerous place to be is not in the back of the following Jesus line but in the front.” 

‏@StudentlifeAce “passion can drown out compassion.”

@RightNowMedia “The Biblical definition of what a disciple is, is the definition of what a disciple is.”
‏@KDofSNL “Legalism is always based in scripture, but not found in scripture.”

@albrightwpg “It is easy to become accidental Pharisees. We don’t plan to be there but we end up there because of pride.”

@thekalum “Never ignore lack of character for an abundance of gifts.” Solid.

Notes from Carter Moore on several sessions:

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