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9.12.13There is a lot of garbage on the internet … but sometimes you come across a site or a Facebook page that really delivers great content that consistently blesses you. I this post I want to share some great sources of inspiration found on the internet that have blessed me numerous times. It is amazing how they sometimes come just at the moment I need a lift! Check them out!

Mountain Wings. I’ve been a subscriber to Mountain Wings for years. Most of the daily emails are simply a quote or a short testimony of God at work. They are easy to read and always positive.

On This Day in Church History. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as someone who lacks a rich knowledge of church history I find this fascinating. Each day there are three stories about something that happened that day. It might be the birth of a famous hymn writer, or the death of a martyr. I do not read them all but usually one of the three catches my attention. has a lot of email devotionals … sift through them to find some great content.

Sermon Quotes. I think this is poorly named, but it’s a great daily picture with a quote or verse on it. They are high quality and easy to share. You can also subscribe to them on Facebook HERE.

Heartlight. This is a daily devotional that has been around a long time. The authors are all very good writers. I especially like the ones written by Rubel Shelly and Tim Archer. They do also have a Facebook page, but it is not updated daily.

Upper Room. Probably my favorite daily – and one that I end up reading more than the others. Very spiritual and contemplative. I love the focus on prayer and the inner devotion we are to have for God. They also have a Facebook presence that has different content – mostly pictures with words (found HERE). There is a book of devotionals for the year which are excellent (see below).

A Slice of Infinity. This daily requires a little more brain power, but it is always worth the effort. It comes from Ravi Zacharias ministries and is very well done. There are several excellent authors that contribute. I especially enjoy Jill Carrattini’s posts – she is brilliant. They do have a Facebook page but it is not updated regularly.

Godvine. Great videos and other posts. Their Facebook page is one of my favorites (located HERE).

Desert Spiritual. Tim Gunnells’ blog that emphasizes a rich and deep spiritual life. You can also visit his Facebook page that shares brilliant pictures and encouragements HERE.

No doubt there are thousands of inspirational websites, email lists, and Facebook pages. These are some of my favorites. I’d love for you to share yours in the comments. Thanks for reading!




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