Back Home In Monroe

Maggy and I arrived back home in Monroe late this afternoon. I have to tell you that to type “Home in Monroe” feels funny … but the truth is that Monroe is now our home. It’s one of many new realities we are facing each day. When we arrived there was pulled pork bar-b-que, buns, baked beans, and potato salad in the fridge. There were flowers on the table. It was a welcome home from some of our sweet new friends at Forsythe. Jason had come by the apartment earlier and turned the thermostat down. It was fortunate that we were able to visit with Mike Riley for a few moments upon arrival. I’m told that there’s a pie for us at the church building, so I make make a clandestine run to the building later! We received a call asking if we needed anything. Tomorrow we may look at some homes for sale in Monroe.

Still, I cannot help bu think about the last time I was in this apartment. I packed as much of my things as i could, because I was going home for exciting times. I would preach for my wonderful friends at Central – a graduation message for our graduates. I would participate in the reception for them. I would get to hear John Robert lead singing again. Then we would make our way through a week of anticipation before he would walk across that stage and receive the diploma he had worked hard to receive. After that Friday night celebration I would head back to Monroe on Saturday to be in place that Sunday in the new ministry I was enjoying so much. I left this apartment with intentions of returning as the father of a graduate.

There was no perspective, no information, no intuition that could have prepared me for what really did happen. I couldn’t have known that Maggy and I would return to this apartment together after what we’ve been through. We’re missing our daughter and her family and will return to the Coast as soon as we can.

But for now we’re getting accustomed to thinking of this place as home. And it’s so easy to do that … we have been loved so well so quickly. But it’s so hard to do that…there’s a sadness that has followed us wherever we have gone.

Thanks for reading. Your comments continue to touch my heart.


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