This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  ~ Romans 13:11

Do you ever notice in your prayers that sometimes a word just keeps pushing its way to the forefront of your mind and your language? Early this morning …and later when praying with a group of area pastors … the word AWAKENING was stirring in my  heart.

How we need to pray for a movement of awakening in God’s churches across the world. We have so much time on our hands and so little vitality that we have the luxury of arguing about tiny details and personal preferences while a thousand cars pass by our buildings during every worship service. God awaken your church to YOUR calling, YOUR vision, YOUR heart. We’ve fallen asleep at the wheel while we drive through life with a thousand appointments and expectations. When is the last time we’ve sat quietly in God’s presence, unwilling to be in a hurry to get out and do something real? God awaken your sleeping church!

God awaken the lost to your love and promises. The Enemy has tranquilized the souls of the lost and they find everything spiritual to be foggy and dreamlike. Blinders are securely in place. While they were sleeping the Devil’s minions built gates around their hearts … gates that allow anything to pass except what is lovely and precious to God. Father tear down the gates so they can see the Risen Christ in His glory and be awakened from the slumber of spirit.

God awaken our world to the Light of the Gospel. In every land there are forces working against the ideal of human existence. Hate abounds. Crime and injustice are rampant. Children are enslaved and people are forced into inhumane conditions. If only they could see the empty tomb and put their hope in Christ. If the evil people of the world could for one moment see Jesus clearly and know Him as Lord and King … how many could be won in an instant?

All of these prayers and more continue to rise, a chorus of voices alert and awake in the truth of the Gospel calling out to God.

And some days in my own weakness, I call out, God awaken me.

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