Asphalt, LOST talk, BABtism, and Mothers

 New Asphalt Parking at Central

Something we have needed for many years is a paved parking area. Today a good bit of the property at our facility was paved to allow better and more clearly designated parking areas. I had to cancel the addictions class tonight because access was limited. By Wednesday night we should be able to park once again on our property. I’m not sure it will be striped by then … but we will see. I will post an updated picture as things develop. I spent most of today visiting with an elderly friend in Biloxi VA hospital.

After listening to the LOST podcast today on my way to Biloxi, I cannot wait for Wednesday night! The episode is called “The Man Behind The Curtain” and we will finally find out more about Ben’s origin and his relationship to The Others. The writers thought we should have already picked up that Cooper was both Locke’s bio-dad and the con man that caused the loss of Sawyer’s parents. I’m not sure there were enough clues for us to make that jump.

Everybody’s got some pet peeves. One of them that relates to preaching is to hear preachers talk about someone being BABtized. What is that? Sometimes I think maybe I just missed their pronuciation. I do not always hear well. And then they will say it again. I know they are saying someone was BABtized. I have heard some well-known brilliant speakers make this flub. I just wanted to share.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I am pretty sure I’m going to be speaking from 1 Samuel using Hannah as an example of a godly mother. Do you like it when preachers use holidays as subject matter? Is your church doing something special for the mothers / women in attendance? Speaking of mothers, my mother started her new job today just out of New Orleans. Congratulations, Mom! Hope you enjoy your new environment!


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