As We Commune


As We Commune

As we commune each week, gathered together around the Lord’s Table, let us recognize our Host. He is the One who has called us here today. It is by the power of His blood that we dare come boldly into His presence. It is His Spirit that links us heart to heart. Lord, may this period of reflection and union never become dull to us. I pray that we never just see this with earthly eyes … cracker and juice … but with spiritual eyes of faith … body and blood. Here is a poem to remind us of some of the realities of our time of communion; a poetic reflection from Eric Milner-White to help us focus on communion.

The Consecration

This is my Lord,

beside and about me,

coming and entering and abiding within.

This is my Lord, to whom I belong:

This, my Lord, calling me nearer and nearer.

This is my Lord, who died for me:

This, my Lord, who taketh away my sin:

This, my Lord, clothing me in his righteousness:

This, my Lord, giving strength for to-day and to-morrow:

This, my Lord, with his own hands feeding me

with his own life,

with his Body and his blood,

with his heart and his soul.

As he would dwell in me,

may I dwell in him

forever and ever.

(Poem by Eric Milner-White as published in A Diary of Prayer, Elizabeth Goudge, 1966.)