Army of Volunteers

There is a chance that this post may offend someone. ┬áBut I think most will understand. After Katrina’s destruction became apparent, an army of volunteers began preparations to come to our aid. Not just for a month or two, but for a couple of years.

If I had foresight, I would have kept a notebook with every group and where they were from. Some months into the work, I believe David Kilbern started such a notebook. However, I did have a file of emails and notes from crews coming down to work. So I decided it would be neat to share these names and places with you. Remember that this is just the hem of the garment – not nearly a complete list. In fact, in my own thinking I can recall many who came and helped that aren’t on this list. So it is not meant to be complete.

I think it does, though, give you an idea of the composition of that army, and their determination to lift strangers from the mud and debris. If you’re not named – I’d love it if you left your name and church and location in the comments – don’t be shy! It’s an honor roll! And each of these is a representation of many others who gave of themselves in a beautiful way.

Jason Helton, Madison Church of Christ, Madison, AL

Chris Lockhart, Port City Church of Christ, Mobile, AL

Jeff and Kera Hubbard, Nichols St Church of Christ, Bay City, TX

Lynn Griffin, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN.

Thomas Hixson, Hope Missions, Assembly of God, DuBois, PA (gave some awesome communion meditations)

Frank and Linda Shelton, Brentwood Hills Church of Christ, Nashville, TN

Doris McMinn, St. John’s Chapel United Church of Christ, Springfield, Missouri

Richard Miller, Philo Road Church of Christ, Urbana, IL

Dan Provines, Wheatland Christian Church, Wheatland, IN

Brandon Smith, Christian Campus House, Northwest Missouri State University

Barry Wethington, Athens Christian Church, Lexinton, KY

Greg Herriford, Teen Mission USA, Lexington, KY (Sent team after team of teen workers to help us out!)

Scott and Ann Warner, ?

Sam Garner, Church of Christ, Connecticut

Doug Couch, White Bluff Church of Christ, Dickson County, TN

Chris McClure, Snellville Christian Church, Snellville, GA

Tammie Allardyce, Community Church of Christ, DeRidder, LA

Brian Delks, Fowler Christian Church,

Tina Ly, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marc Mobley, Nelson Christian Church, Bardstown, KY

Tom and Karen Byrd, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Richard Dana, Forest Church of Christ, Forest, MS

Rodney Booe, Cambellsville Christian Church,

Dale Watkins, West Side Church of Christ, Elkton, KY

Ryan Foust, Indianola Christian union Church, near Des Moines, Iowa

Gene Vasper, McPherson Church of Christ, McPherson, Kansas

Phl Yakey, Calumet St. Christian Church, Centralia, IL

Virgil Fiske, Windsor Church of Christ, Colorado

Dale Lenger, Peace United Church of Christ, Hartsburg, MO

Marv Casterline, Harrisburg, PA

Marvin Phillips, Tulsa, OK

Richard Green, Ottawa, CA

Stephanie Johnston, Wichita Christian School, Wichita Falls, TX (a few years in a row the Senior class gave up their class trip in order to come work in Pascagoula.)

Marcie Shockey, Alpha Phi Omega, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

Ron Ryan, Eva Church of Christ, Eva, AL

Morgan Hudson, Seattle, WA

Mary Warren, Elder Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church, Middletown, NY

Mari Weaver, new Hope Christian Church

Trevor Cox, Thomas Street Church of Christ, Altus, OK

Robbie Forrester, Brentwood HIlls Church of Christ, Nashville, TN

Marty Kessler, Choctaw Church of Christ

Joe Zimmerlee, Lebanon, IL

Lynn Groves, South Yukon Church of Christ, Yukon, OK

Margo Reed, Bloomington, IL (Mary too!)’

Rod Lindsey, Central Church of Christ, Shelbyville, TN

Sid Bloomer, Burnt Hickory Church of Christ, Marietta, GA

Joanne Shuman, Southern Acres Christian Church, Lexington, KY

Charlie and Linda, Canada

Teresa Little, First Christian Church, Lamar, MO

Fred Muddiman, Greenville, IN

Mike McColl, Florence Christian Church, Florence, KY

Danny Dodd, Gateway Church of Christ, Pensacola, FL

Gulf Shores Church of Christ did tremendous work on our behalf.

Tim Gunnels, Elba Church of Christ, Elba, AL

Enterprise Church of Christ, Enterprise, AL

Both Churches of Christ in Prattville, AL.

Cecil May III and Miles Mayo of Parkway and Smith Street Churches of Christ in Fulton, KY

Dusty Rush, University Church of Christ, Conway, AR

Our ‘residents’ Robbie, James, Jeff, and Steve (now deceased)…many more.

This does not include so many – so please do not be offended.

May your tribe increase! What a beautiful army of volunteers!

Thanks for reading! Add your name if you came to Pascagoula!

John Dobbs

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