Anticipation and Appreciation

When Chris & Susan Lockhart  (podcast HERE) moved near Atlanta to be the minister of the Calvary Christian Church, this signaled a big change in his life. Moving from an acappella church of Christ to the instrumental Christian Church was a significant decision and one he made with much prayer. Chris was significantly involved in the relief effort at Pascagoula, coming over every Friday for months on end. It was with joy that I accepted his invitation to come and speak at Calvary about what has been happening on the Coast … and what current needs exist. Calvary begins every Sunday with a full breakfast, and that’s an enjoyable way to begin the fellowship of the morning! We had an excellent class taught by one of the deacons from Titus 1. Following that we enjoyed a heart-felt worship time that honored the name of Jesus Christ. I anticipated an inspirational time at this church and was not disappointed. This is a friendly church that has a vibrant future. We enjoyed a lunch at a local Mexican restaurant with Chris, Susan and Hayden.

After an afternoon nap, Maggy, Susan, Hayden and I traveled to North Atlanta to meet with a small group led by my friend John Alan Turner. They invited me to come and talk about the relief effort as well. It was a joy to see John Alan, and meet his wife Jill and their three beautiful daughters. The group was very interested in the relief effort and perhaps will find some ways to become involved. I was also blessed to pick up a few copies of John Alan’s new book, Hearts and Minds: Raising Your Child With A Christian World View. I recommend you get a copy to keep and a copy to give away.

Back home at Central tonight they watched THE SECOND CHANCE. This movie should be watched by all Christian people, and they should let it challenge them.

Tomorrow on the trip home, I hope to have a cup of coffee with Gary Kirkendall  (podcast HERE) in LaGrange….but we’ll see.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. We do not talk much about this in churches of Christ because of our attempt to escape a clergy/laity system … believing instead in the priesthood of all believers. Still, I think it is a good thing to express appreciation for your minister, and encourage him in a special way. Of course ministers feel self-serving to even mention such a thing. I only mention it because I want to thank Bud and Kathy for a wonderful spaghetti pie that was brought to our house for supper last Friday night. It was delicious, but the greater joy came from their love for our family. We feel very blessed in many ways, but this expression was a special one! Thanks, Bud and Kathy!

I have received a number of encouraging replies privately to the last three posts where I questioned our willingness to follow the Christ wherever He leads. Thanks for your kindness….and let’s keep this issue before us.

I’ll leave you with a smile in the following video. Watch it all!


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