An Opportunity to Do Something

I eat three meals a day, most days. I have an endless array of foods available to me. If I choose to cook my own food, I can go to my choice of grocery stores and buy the most appealing ingredients for my use. If I decide to let someone else cook, I can select from a list of restaurants that takes up several Yellow Pages in advertisements. What would life be like if my choice of culinary satisfaction was not to be found in a shiny clean kitchen … but in a garbage dump? What if me and my children had to dig through piles of stinking garbage alongside rats and buzzards to find something to put in my stomach? That’s not a fantasy … it is a sad reality for many people in the world.

One doesn’t have to work very hard to find people nearby who are in need. When we consider the poverty of third world countries we can be overwhelmed. Fixing world hunger seems to be out of our hands. And maybe we can’t solve it forever, but would you consider doing something one day to help feed hungry people for a short time?

Trey Morgan wants to do something about it, and I plan to join him. Read his blog post HERE for today, and then check his blog out tomorrow for details.

My friend Adam Gonnerman is also joining in the effort. Check out the video at his blog HERE.

Tomorrow many of us are going to try to make a difference. I hope you’ll join in.

John Dobbs

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