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The Original Theatrical Trailer for JAWS.


MOVIES. I don’t know what came over me. I sat down this evening and no one was at home. I turned on the television and watched the TV Guide channel for a minute. There’s just nothing on that I’m interested in. So I started flipping through the channels and there was the beginning of JAWS. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this movie all the way through … probably only a few times. Mostly I catch it in mid stream. It’s not a complicated plot. But I started watching tonight and for some reason I just watched it all the way through. Maggy came in about an hour later and wanted to know if I was bored enough to watch JAWS, and then she watched the rest of it with me! I think JAWS will always be one of my favorite movies. It’s just so cool. Even Richard Dreyfuss, whom I normally do not like, was great in this film. It is still exciting, still has a charge when that familiar music begins to build as danger lurks nearby. Excellent. A half-way decent sequal, and two dismal follow-ups to that may make JAWS seem passe, but Steven Spielberg did a masterful job of creating an adventure / terror movie for all time.  Does anyone remember SNL’s skits on the landshark? Hiliarious. I was hoping that YouTube had a video of that posted, but I couldn’t find one. Anyhow, I never read Peter Benchley’s book, but I did read some of his other novels. When’s the first and last time you watched JAWS?

RELIEF WORK. We have two groups here right now, and they are getting a lot done. We happen to have several preachers here right now from various locations. One of the preachers is the home-town preacher of Paul and Elsie England, back in Paducah, Kentucky. I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet. Maybe tomorrow. I do not get much time with them, because they are staying very busy with their work crews. Today Paul England’s crew worked on the north side of our roof at Central. We had some issues there, but I think they are now repaired.

PRAYERS. Please pray for one of our elderly sisters, Sue, who is in the hospital tonight. She is a wonderful woman of faith with a great spirit. She has lived with poor health for many years, but never fails to smile and to serve. I have been amazed at Fred and Sue as they have come to the hospital to sit with someone while a family member has surgery … and the truth is that they should have been at home with some of us serving them. They are exemplary Christian people. Please also offer up prayer for Tex Nolan from Monroe, LA. He had a massive heart attack last night. He is stabilized and we pray that the next few days will find him growing stronger.  Tex has been an awesome partner with us in this recovery effort. One big thing he did was acquire the delivery van that has now delivered countless appliances, beds, and supplies to homes throughout Pascagoula. Even though there is a considerable distance between the Coast and North Louisiana, he has continued to come down bringing supplies, always with a big smile. His positive attitude and at the same time a humble spirit have made us happy to see him whenever he walkes in the door.  He is a member at University Church of Christ in Monroe…

UNIVERSITY. And speaking of University, I have had an opportunity to preach for this congregation and they are a great bunch of people. Tammy Matthews is one of their deacons that has been down to the Coast several times, and has told me he often reads the blog. My friend James Guy recently moved up there and forgot all about me. He hasn’t called me except once since his move. I didn’t even know he had accepted the work until I heard it from someone else. So James Guy, if you’re out there, holler sometime!

DIET. I’m doing good on the South Beach Diet. The end of today represents the end of the first week. SBD isn’t like some other diets I’ve been on where everything is spelled out in specifics. It’s more a philosophy of food choices … and it’s something you study and learn. The first two weeks are the toughest, and I’ve got another week to go. Eating isn’t as much fun when you’re watching it all … so much of our socializing centers around food (and the wrong kind of food!). I was good at our church fellowship last night, though!

THANKSGIVING. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Is your church using this holiday as an outreach of any kind?

Hope you have a good night and thanks for reading!

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