American Idol Returns Tonight!

As may be noted in my last post, I’m not much on television fare. I’d probably like more shows if I watched them. Currently I’m hooked on LOST, hating myself for loving DEAL OR NO DEAL, and looking forward to tonight’s premiere of this season’s American Idol.

Yes tonight and tomorrow night will be four hours of auditions for American Idol. A lot of people have strong feelings about AI. Some people hate the concept. How can you hate a talent show? My friend Les prejudicially calls it a ‘reality show’, although I have corrected him many times. It’s a talent show that America gets to judge. The final contestants have a lot of talent, and have spawned some superstars in the entertainment industry such as Kelly Clarkson (have you seen her awesome new video with Reba McEntire? Wow!) and Carrie Underwood. There are others …. some have it it big…some haven’t. Even super talent Clay Aiken has seemed to struggle to keep his career alive.

Now some people LOVE the audition episodes and then do not care much for the rest of the season. Personally, after the first few audition episodes, I’m ready for that to be over. I dislike the purposefully mean comments the judges sometimes make. However I also dislike the ones who know they have no talent but are looking for their 3 minutes of fame. I wouldn’t mind if there was maybe ONE or TWO audition episodes.

It’s the singing that I like. And the season usually has plenty of great performances. Usually someone really good gets booted off the show, so that’s frustrating, but it does build suspense as the season unfolds. Chris Daughtry used his AI experience to propel a hot career in the music industry. He recently panned American Idol in Rolling Stone.

I do think it’s fair to criticize the critics, but I enjoy the banter between Paula, Randy, and Simon. I think Simon is right most of the time, even if he is blunt. The PTI guys have been suggesting that Paula Abdul will join the halftime show of the Super Bowl that is already starring Tom Petty. I had kinda hoped that they would surprise us with Stevie Nicks doing her awesome duet with Tom, Stop Dragging My Heart Around. I never fail to turn that one all the way up when it comes around on my iPod.

Darin’s got a point about the collection.

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It would be wrong of me not to end this post with a few YouTube videos from American Idol! Enjoy!

First, the worst!


One of my favorites who didn’t make it on the show, nor afterward. But Anthony Federov overcame incredible physical struggles to achieve a dream!


Anwar Robinson was someone I predicted would go to the top, but America didn’t vote for him! Here Anwar sings Moon River!


Kellie Pickler’s Audition for AI. She didnt’ win, but she went on to record country music hits!



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