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Greetings! This post is just an assortment of thoughts. No rhyme, but I think there’s lots of reason.


Brooke. Goodbye to Brooke. I like Brooke’s voice when she’s doing her piano thing, but that’s really all she does well. Her ‘happy songs’ are off key, her dance steps remind me of someone walking on stilts … she’s a piano songstress. And that’s not all bad. I’d buy a CD of her piano ballads because I love her voice. She’s a beautiful lady, and a wholesome lady. I genuinely like her but she is not a pop star. It was just a matter of time.

Jason. Same for Jason Castro who really has had a bad couple of weeks here. His ability to move beyond his favorite genre is very limited. He is a likable young man who needs a haircut… those snakes hanging off of his head really take away from his appearance (although I’m sure some would argue that they add to his appearance, but they would be wrong and have to express that on their own blog!). Even though this is a singing competition, appearance matters.

David A. And now for my first public negative comment about David Archuletta. First, everyone knows in their heart that he is the big winner, and the others are just biding their time until they are dumped from the show. But last night when Ryan Seacrest proclaimed him safe (duh, everyone already knew that) … he acted like he couldn’t believe it. If he had offered a horrible performance the night before (as did Jason Castro) … then I could believe his surprise at being safe. However, this was an obvious put on … and he over did it … it made him look creepy to me. I hope he will dump that “I can’t believe I’m still in it” act. He’s never been in the bottom two (well, actually there’s only one ‘bottom’ slot open, Syesha Mercado has a permanent place in the other slot).

Paula. Paula’s snafu on Tuesday night where she critiqued a song that actually hadn’t been sung yet was weird. Most suggest that she was drunk … but there are better explanations. First, the ‘review them all at once’ plan – a first for the show- was thrown on them at the last second. Second, she had heard the other performances as they were being practiced. Third, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But who doesn’t love Paula? She is the heart of the judges panel. There was a lot of effort on Wednesday to make her look better. Anyway…it’s live TV … someone’s going to goof up sometime or another.


Jeremiah Wright has officially become the punchline to many a joke. He has spoken with such outrageousness that even Obama had to sever his ties. One has to wonder what took so long for Obama to do this. I would say about 19 years ago would have been a good time. If Obama is this slow to make a decision that is fairly clear, what can he do in 4 years…even 8! There is no doubt that Obama is bright … and he has an overload of charisma, but this Jeremiah Wright thing might be the very thing that sidetracks his campaign … and it will be what we remember about him. Think about it, he could join the ranks of memorable political trainwrecks remembered by association. What names come to mind immediately when you read these catch phrases: Chappaquiddick, I am not a crook, no new taxes, monkey business, jeremiah wright. He’s making history, folks!

Hillary was on Bill O’Reilly’s program last night. This was a brilliant move. First, because Obama has refused to be on the program. Second because if anyone can give Bill a run for his money, it’s Hillary. And I have to tell you, she was engaging, funny, personable … I liked her in this interview. If I had no knowledge of Clinton history, I might would even vote for her. The second part of that interview airs tonight on Fox News Channel.

McCain is finally talking about the economy. And there are many suggestions as to who his running mate could be. I’ve heard all kinds of guesses … but all I can think is that he better choose someone dynamic, young, and interesting.

Obama, Clinton, and McCain are all equally boring to me. I’m not alone. Bloggers are even suggesting television characters for President! I don’t know who I would select to run as President from among TV characters … who would you choose?

Well, this is too long … thanks for reading if you’re still with me!


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