All Work and No Pray?

I am at my mother’s house for a few days. I was able to take her to the hospital yesterday. Her first radiation treatment is tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers in this matter.

 I brought along with me the latest issue of Discipleship Journal. I want to share a thought from an excellent article by Gary Thomas called “All Work and No Pray: Balancing Ministry For God and Intimacy With God“.

Finding a “Gethsemane” doesn’t mean you have to locate the nearest garden. You may discover that a garden is the best place for you to experience prayer and intimacy with God, or you may prefer a different setting.

Perhaps your small group is where you are most built up and challenged to fulfill your calling. Your “Gethsemane” may take place every Wednesday night.

Or maybe going on a solitary retreat helps you foster intimacy with God. In that case, your Gethsemane may be a situation – being alone with plenty of time to think, pray, and reflect – more than a place.

Or you may have found that playing a familiar instrument best tunes your heart to God’s voice.

One Gethsemanie is not “better” than another, as long as you have one.

 Interesting thoughts. I’d like to hear your thoughts on your own personal “Gethsemane” … the place or situation to which you often turn in order to cultivate a rich relationship with your Abba.

 Thanks again for the outstanding response to the last post.

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