Advent Devotionals

Although the season of Advent has begun, it is not too late to get in on some great devotionals to lead you to Christmas day. A friend asked me for some suggestions, and below are some free  online and email Advent resources.

Bible Gateway has five different Advent devotionals they will send to your email. Choose one or all if you like! (LINK)

Days of Desire: Longing for the Advent Dawn is Luther Seminary’s devotional offering. You can download it in .pdf format in both regular and large print. There is also an email option to receive it daily. (LINK)

D365’s Following The Star Advent Devotional Series is an online-only devotional. It is beautifully presented with contemplative music, four short sections each day including a devotional, Scripture, and prayer. (LINK) has a Monday-Friday email devotional for Advent. (LINK)

Margaret Feinberg has a four week devotional you can download, also an email devotional for each day. She is an excellent communicator. Also she is active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google + , so there is an extra layer of communication. (LINK)

LifeWay will be posting one article per week, maybe missing the spirit of Advent in some ways. I’m glad I’m not following their plan when it comes to chocolate treats. (LINK)

Pockets has an Advent devotional for families. (LINK)

Billy Graham’s organization has a free downloadable devotional guide. (LINK)

Maybe you know of some others. Feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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