A Season For Appeals

They’re coming in more rapidly now as the holidays approach. I suppose people’s hearts are more open to helping others during this season. Yes, we would all acknowledge that we need to help others throughout the year. Sentimentality, cooler weather, hearts turning toward family … I don’t know all the reasons … but this time of year puts us more in the mind of helping others.

How do you choose? There are hundreds of great organizations that do awesome work. A few posts ago I mentioned just a very few of the multitude of disaster relief organizations. Without them, so many people would be stranded and helpless. Believe me, I know.

I noticed on one of my favorite blogs, a few days ago, a challenge to buy shoes for the homeless. And how about the mission team from AIM that is bringing sandwiches and the Gospel to a region in Honduras where a large number of people get their only food for surivial from a dump. Oh, then you can’t pass up Sean Rogers’ amazing outreach to homeless people. This Christmas he’s giving out 1,000 hygiene kits on the streets. How do you decide what to support / help?  To these three great works you can add Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Salvation Army, Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, local charities and soup kitchens. The opportunities are endless.

After Katrina hit the Coast, there were so many areas that were devastated and in such immense need, it was overwhelming to our entire country. I liked the way Marvin Phillips encouraged churches across the country to “pick one”. He thought it would be better if every church picked an area and worked there consistently, rather than scattering resources in a hundred different directions. I agree. So, even though our heart may be touched by a hundred ministries and outreach efforts, we need to pick one. And that one needs to know they can depend on us. Offering consistent support, in holiday time and beyond. I won’t tell you which one you ought to support. Your heart will tell you that.

Of course, you can offer your prayers and encouragements to all. Those are my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours.

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