A Poetic Friday


We have a brother in our congregation, Ron Webb, who enjoys writing poetry. He writes for almost every occasion, often bringing smiles and laughter for the humor he exhibits. Notice the poem he wrote for my birthday card:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
This lighthouse is old
But not as old as you.
I will not say it out loud
You’re as old as the hills
I know you are secretly
Taking Geritol pills.
You know I am joking
You are a laugher not a moaner
But John it’s not too early
To be an organ donor.
Old preachers don’t die
I believe that is true
It’s just sometimes
They smell like they do!!!

For all of his humor, Ron lives with an enormous amount of pain and sickness. He has had a very rough 2007. During a time of reflection on this, he wrote the following poem. With permission I’d like to share it with you and ask you to think about its message.

I was going through my coins today
And looking for the dates I need
Trying to fill my coin books
The looks of the coins is what I heed.

I was sorting through all the coins
Putting aside the dull and nicked.
Just the shiniest in good condition
Are the coins that I picked.

Then the thought came to me
As I put aside a coin so worn,
I am glad my Heavenly Father
Worn people, He does not scorn.

And just like the unwanted coin
It still had value and could buy
Just like each soul is important
Enough for our Savior to die.

I took out that worn out dime today
And I laid it on my desk to see
To remind me that I still have value
And that the Heavenly Father still loves me.

You see God collects any soul
That is willing to be spent
No matter how many nicks and scars
If only the knees are bent.

So when I run into a soul
That we might not collect
We need to remember God
And His love of souls respect.

You know when I think about it
It’s the used coins that have been spent
That seems to fulfill its purpose
And in their way are heaven sent.

Thanks, Ron. I appreciate the many years of encouragement you have offered to my family.

Today marks the anniversary of the 1944 attack on Pearl Harbor. It reminds me to say once again “Thank You” to our veterans and those serving currently in the military.

Here’s a great idea: E-Mail Free Fridays! One friend of mine only checks e-mails for one hour each evening. Pretty disciplined I’d say. We become dependent upon this technology to the point that it takes over our lives. Along with personal decisions to control e-mail, let’s not forget cell phones. I have stopped running for my phone in a panic every time it rings. Since we have no land line, the cell phone is the main line – and it goes with me everywhere! In the ‘old days’ if I were out and about someone could leave me a message on the answering machine. Today, if I am in a conversation and my phone rings, it is a bit rude to answer the phone. If I’m in the middle of something that requires my attention, then I will likely let it ring. And I hope my friends do the same … if I’m calling and you’re busy, let it go. I’ll let you know if you need to call me back! So, I hope if you call me you will leave a message if it’s important. If there’s no message I generally assume it wasn’t an important call.

Happy Birthday to Richard Warren Sears (1863), founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company. It’s the birthday of Eli Wallach (1915), who played important supporting roles in movies like The Magnificent Seven. He has outlived all of the seven stars except Robert Vaughn. He was also in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, How The West Was Won, and a couple of dozen other films. Actress Ellen Burstyn (1932) celebrates a birthday today. I remember her first for her head-turning performance in The Exorcist(actually Linda Blair did the head-turning!). She is to be in the film adaptation of Mitch Albom’s For One More Day, due out soon. She has dozens of films and television appearances to her credit. There are some birthdays today from the world of sports. One of the great catchers of all time, it’s the birthday of Johnny Bench (1947). Happy Birthday to NBA great Larry Bird (1956). It’s a day to remember the Rude Awakening, the move used by wrestler Rick Rude (1958) to ‘win’ his matches. Rude died of overdose of medications (steroids) causing heart failure in 1999. Happy Birthday to the controversial but talented Terrell Owens (1973). T.O. has been a great player on my fantasy football league this year. Entertainer Aaron Carter (1987) has a birthday today that many preteens will no doubt celebrate. Happy Birthday to U. S. Senator from Mississippi, Thad Cochran, who turns 70 today. And last but not least we saved some candles for Princess Catharina-Amalia (2003) of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau. At four years old she hasn’t brought about any sweeping social reforms, but give her a few years.

Update: Catch Matthew Modine’s post on Fear in the Church of Christ today.

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