A Phone Call

I have been in between sermon series at Forsythe this month. I decided to preach some sermons from an old sermon book given to me by the widow of John Townsdin. The book is called Sermons for Saints and Sinners by Eugene Clevenger. I’ve enjoyed working with these sermons, adjusting them for today’s audience and my own personality. Essentially they have remained with the same points, however, because they are simply biblical! Three of those sermons have been posted here on the blog in recent posts. One more will come next week.

I shared these outlines on a great email list for preachers associated with Churches of Christ that is operated by Dan Williams. I was blessed one day last week with a phone call from Earnest Clevenger Jr., a nephew of Eugene. He told me a little of the history of the sermon book I was using (only 1,000 were printed).

Earnest Clevenger is an exceptionally well educated veteran gospel preacher who has accomplished much in his life. According to his bio available on Amazon, “Dr. Clevenger has served as a college instructor, college and university professor, academic dean of Alabama Christian College, dean of Thomas Goode Jones School of Law at Faulkner University, president of Boyd-Buchanan School, and president of Faulkner University. He has written numerous books and articles published in many newspapers, periodicals and other venues.” He has also been a preacher for several churches over the years.

I was blessed to have a few minutes on the phone with someone who has accomplished so much for our Lord in his life. I enjoyed our friendly conversation and the things that he shared with me.

You can access a page of free materials by Dr. Clevenger HERE.

You can purchase his book about his life and ministry at the link below. Thanks, brother, for the phone call. I want to encourage our veteran gospel preachers to find young preachers to encourage, even if only with a phone call. You’re the only ones who know what they’re going through.

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