A Most Pressing Issue


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As has been observed millions … perhaps billions … of times before, the week really passes by quickly sometimes doesn’t it! It’s been a good and very busy week for me…as I’m sure it has been for you. If you’ve been keeping up with me on Twitter, then you know pretty much everything that’s been going on.

In all of the writings on being missional and relevant, there is a subject I have never heard discussed. It is a subject that hits close to where we live. Even the Apostle Paul made reference to this area. I’m sure mentioning it may rub some people the wrong way. I apologize … I know it is not polite. I know these are tough times and we cut corners where we can, but this is no place to go cheap. I’m talking about toilet paper. Yes, I am. I’m sorry to bring it up … especially on a world famous blog that millions of people will read. I am aware that we are blessed in America to have any brand of any quality at our fingertips. That’s not true worldwide. While I do not want to sound ungrateful, I’m wondering why churches are responsible for providing the sorriest roughest cheapest toilet paper available? What does this say to our guests? At my last church I resorted to buying my own and keeping a private stock! I think we are sending the wrong message with this pitiful TP. I believe this is a problem in all of Christendom. And perhaps it is a reason why some Christians are so grumpy. I am too!

An associated problem is the roller that won’t roll. Combine the roller that won’t roll with the cheap toilet paper and you have an operation that requires the inventiveness of MaGyver , the bravery of William Wallace, and the accidental luck of Inspector Clouseau. You know I’m not kidding.

I am also unimpressed with pretty toilet paper. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Who cares if it’s the right color, or if it has little designs dimpled into it? American toilet paper manufacturers: stop wasting money on making toilet paper PRETTY, and just make it cheaper.  That way maybe someone at our churches would relieve the suffering of the masses. After all, it’s not our fault we have to go to the bathroom while we’re at church! A well timed bathroom trip can help us make it through the worst of sermons! (Except preachers…who must endure their own sermons!)

And now for a poll … don’t leave me hanging like a half-sheet of cheap tp that ripped ten times!

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