A Mad World


Midway through It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

One of my favorite movies of all time is It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World! It has one of the greatest casts, hilarious cameo appearances from a large number of entertainers, and the story is based on something with which we can all identify:  Greed. I’m sure you’ve seen it (haven’t you?).

I was thinking about this movie today because it’s Ethel Merman’s birthday! Ethel was a great entertainer with a loud and brassy sense of humor. (Ethel’s Wiki Page).

Where am I going with all of this? I could make some application about how the world is full of madness and we all need some spiritual sanity. (yawn) Or I could reflect on the great moments of cinema and Broadway with Ethel. (I don’t know anything about that). Or I could just post a few YouTube videos that made me laugh this morning. (yeah, that’s the ticket)


Ethel Merman sets the record straight!

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