A Little Lighter

I’ve been pretty serious on the blog lately and I’ve been very grumpy today. I just want to lighten things up a bit tonight. I’ve spent today with this grim look on my face feeling all serious and sullen. What’s up with that! My wife suggested that I might need some medication. I think it’s because I’m on day three of South Beach Diet and I am no longer cruising through my day on a sugar high. I have said goodbye to sugar before, and I know that this too will pass. But until then I reserve my right to growl like a bear now and again. grrrrr. All of this in the pursuit of being a little lighter. OK, a lot lighter, as the Doctor ordered. I’m going to fix some decaf and be back in a minute.

 There. That’s better. The local news is on. There was a report of some thievery at some Mobile churches. They had photos of the vehicles the perpetrators were driving. One was a dark Honda. The other… a Ford Exhibition. It was not just an audio gaff, it was actually worded under the picture of the Expedition. Try to find that one on your local Ford car lot. A nice laugh at just the right time.

 It’s a sad time to be on a diet. I just discovered Paula Deen. Maggy has the Food Network on at various times when I come home. I thought Rachel Ray was the bomb. And while Rachel is younger, and some might say prettier, looks just do not count in the kitchen folks. Although let me hasten to say that Paula is a true Southern Belle and doesn’t fall short in her appearance! Paula cooks food like every man wants to eat. I think every recipe starts with two sticks of butter. I know that makes all nutritionally-aware-people cringe, but the way Paula says it you can just see the calories and fat running away. I really want to order Maggy some of Paula’s cookbooks, but I think this will work against us. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a South Beach friendly cookbook. But she does have a restaurant in Savannah, and I’m thinking I may have to go for a visit sometime. Yes, some people plan vacations by the ski trails, or by the scenery, or by the rides, or by the friends and family they can see. I plan a vacation to Paula Deen’s restaurant. I like that about me. Anyway, enough of that torture. I think I still have a piece of string cheese I can eat tonight. But if anyone will take down this recipe and make it for me, just give me a holler:


Now I guess I’m just rambling. It’s a little early to post the blog for tonight, but who knows…I may come back and add something to it. Yes, I know it’s a lot to ask if you read all of this AND watch up to ten minutes of video (thanks, You Tube!). But I figure you’d only do it if you had the time. I’m not sure I know why everyone reads my blog … they certainly do not all leave comment. Over a hundred people looked at yesterday’s post. I know some people are just friends who want to know what’s up with John. Some are looking for something about Central that they can gossip to their church buddies about. Some come here accidentally and promise to never land on this page again. Some are just addicted to Dobbs.  I’m feeling better. I think I’ll get another cup of decaf and see if that helps me feel even better.


Blogger Lindsey’s husband will be on the Oprah Winfrey show FRIDAY.

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So I’m going to leave you with a smile. Here’s something from Weird Al Yankovic just for fun. I don’t know if fat people or Michael Jackson should be more offended. I’m not offended. I just needed to lighten up.


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