A Homecoming Experience

Tonight was the homecoming football game for Ouachita Christian School. I was blessed to be at the game tonight – for a lot of reasons. There are a number of my friends who are connected with OCS, and it is always a joy to see them. Although I’m not the world’s biggest sports fan, I do enthusiastically support the young men from our church who are on a great team. I like the coaches and the cheerleaders. There are several personal connections to OCS I have enjoyed. That would have been enough of an experience to make tonight enjoyable. But that’s not all.

Since everyone on the planet watches Duck Dynasty, the stars of the show are very familiar. Due to my location in the stands Jase, Willie, Missy, and Sadie passed within three feet of me tonight. I did restrain myself from calling out to them. I don’t want to be a celebrity hound! And I think they are around OCS enough that most people try to give them some space to just be real people. I want to have that attitude as well. Missy sang the national anthem. So for Duck Dynasty fans, homecoming would be a fantastic experience. There was something else, though.

It was homecoming, so there were several young ladies and their dads on the field. They were dressed beautifully of course. OCS is a school that emphasizes the spiritual life, and as each young lady was introduced you heard, among other achievements, where they go to church and what their favorite Bible verses were. I really appreciate what is being instilled through the education provided at OCS. That was a good experience too.

But it was the homecoming queen who made it the best experience tonight. Oh, yes she is beautiful, but there is more. We have been praying for Michaela for a long time now. Michaela has cancer. Inoperable. Malignant. But she is a warrior. She has been battling this terrible disease with her family and friends by her side … and her faith as a source of strength. All of the homecoming court and faculty wore green and gold ribbons as a show of support for Michaela.

There is a Facebook page for those who would join in with the rest of us who are praying for her (HERE).  As Michaela made her way down across the field, being escorted by her father (a preacher), the crowd rose to give her a standing ovation.

I’ve never met Michaela. But she truly inspires me and I pray for her …and ask you to join me in praying for her. There are other young people with cancer who need our prayers too. Feel free to leave their names in the comments and we will make prayer our ‘holy occupation’, as Oswald Chambers calls the life of prayer.

So it was fun to sit with friends, neat to see the Duck Dynasty folks up close, and to see OCS playing a good football game. But a young woman dressed to the nines, but beautiful from the heart outward … now that made homecoming a great experience.

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