A Funny Memory

I was reading THIS POST on the I Am Husband blog, as the writer suggests a couples massage for a special time together. I have friends who do the couples massage thing…though we never have. The post answers several questions about what all that involves! But… aside from all of that…

A funny memory I have about John Robert was once when we were in the Nashville area after Katrina … trying to keep funding and materials flowing to the Coast. I had broken my glasses and was at a mall in Franklin trying to get them fixed. John Robert saw this kiosk with two or three Asian folks who were offering massages. So he just thought he HAD to have a massage. While we were in the eyeglass store he was sitting in one of those special chairs and this lady went to work on him.

I figured he was going to tell us how great it was and make us wish we had gotten a massage as well. John Robert’s report was something like this:

That was horrible! She hit me so hard it hurt … she smelled like a sweaty horse … and she grabbed my butt! I’m never doing that again.

We laughed for a long time about that – especially when we’d see that same setup in other places. Anyhow … just sharing a memory about my boy that made me smile.

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