A Few Feathered Visitors

After a recent storm front blew through I had some unexpected feathered visitors in my yard. I’m hoping that they’ll stay a while… maybe all summer.


This Indigo Bunting is the first time I’ve seen one in real life!


Mrs. Cardinal did not stay still very long. I guess she had her work to do. Mr. Cardinal, in all his showy bright red plume arrived soon.


This bright goldfinch was also a surprise. I saw several before they molted and brightened life up a bit. Then they disappeared. Now here he has come to call again…and been back a few times too!bird5

I’m not sure what this little fellow is. He did fly up to the tree and cling on sideways kind of like a woodpecker of some sort. Maybe one of my ornithologist friends can identify him for me.


Of course Mr. Jealous wanted his picture here too. After all, he and his friends are never far away.

Thanks for reading! John

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