A Cardinal Sin?

12747519_10209070564506008_3865675895032690675_oI love most all birds but especially the beautiful Cardinals. I recently bought two new bird feeders because you know without me the birds of my neighborhood would starve to death! Actually, it’s more selfish than that. I think the birds are beautiful and peaceful. This morning I heard the cardinals chirping outside and so I glanced out my window and was quite surprised.

The birds have not yet recognized the new feeders. I don’t know why … it’s perfectly obvious to me that they are bird feeders. When I bought them the label on the box said they were bird feeders. They are bright red (one would think Cardinals would like red!). They are in the same place as an old feeder that fell into disrepair, so they are used to feeding in that spot. The bird seed is visible to me (I suppose it is to them as well).  11791929_10207651352146586_8972039835251746217_o

But the birds don’t seem to recognize the new feeders. The older bird feeder is now empty. So Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are scratching around on the ground trying to find a morsel that could have escaped the older feeder. They’re just pecking around on the ground with their eyes looking downward trying to find a half-eaten seed hidden among the shells and dirt.

13063071_10209638239617531_5860815889193185123_oAll the while while just above their heads are two feeders filled to the top with fresh sunflower seeds. Abundance awaits my feathered friends. Not only now, but when they’ve emptied them I’ll happily refill them!

But they keep looking down… at the leftovers of their little bird lives.

Instead of looking up to the endless provision that awaits above them.


It reminded me …

of me.

Thanks for reading. All of these photographs were taken by my friend Jim Hughes.

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