A Break, A Death, A Cause


A BREAK. It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ll fill you in a little on what’s going on! Sunday afternoon I left on a personal retreat … what blogger Adam Feldman calls a “Soul Break”. I went to Kosciusko, MS for several reasons. Primarily because I am familiar with the area. I was able to get up in the mornings and walk because I know where the walking track is located. I was able to visit with some good friends I haven’t seen in a while. I spent a good bit of time with Alan Coker at Magnolia Bible College and enjoyed that so much. I also went to chapel and heard my friend James “High Head” Evans speak. He was surprised to see me, and I enjoyed visiting with him. I spent a good part of one day driving up the Natchez Trace and walking along the nature trails. I posted pictures on my picture page from that experience. I was able to spend time in reading, prayer, contemplation. It was a very peaceful time. I ended my retreat by driving to Pensacola and enjoying an afternoon with Danny Dodd. I did manage to stop by Barnes & Noble on my way home. My purchase? Stories for Christmas by Charles Dickens. You recall A Christmas Carol I’m sure…but there are others! I think my copy was washed away in the storm. Maggy thinks it’s in a box somewhere. I told her that if I found the old one I’d sell one of them on Ebay. It was a great retreat away.  I was glad to get home. 

A DEATH. They came rolling onto our parking lot just a few months after Katrina. I have no earthly idea how Steve and Pam found us, or why they stayed. Husband, Wife, and dog came to help out in any way they could. He was a painter by trade. They were people of faith, believing that God had told them to come to the Katrina Zone and help the helpless. So they packed up everything they had and drove down here. Whether you believe in that kind of message from God or not, you can’t deny their faith. Their faith journey was a long one. They did not mind sharing that they had come from years of abusing alcohol and drugs, sexual abuse, and a multitude of health problems testified to the truthfulness of their claims. Jesus had delivered them and now they belonged to Him. He worked in houses, helped with work teams, and talked about the Lord nonstop. She helped in the kitchen as much as her health would allow. They lived in our church building for about a year while they worked. Without going into all the details, he took her home to stay with her mother, and returned to the Coast about a year ago. I didn’t see Steve much after that. He started attending a church that had views a bit more like his. He did visit me one afternoon some months ago and we had a good discussion. After that I only saw him once, when he asked if I would be a reference so he could get an apartment. Last night I got the disturbing call that Steve Warnick was found in his apartment yesterday. He had passed away a few days ago. I have never met anyone quite like Steve … with his passing he becomes a part of the legacy of Katrina on the Coast … an unusual person with a powerful testimony that played a major role in the recovery for many people. He gave up his life back home to come and help bring life back to the devastated people along the Coast.

A CAUSE. In my last post I pointed us to a place where “us bloggers” can help make a difference in someone’s life. Blogging can be pretty self-centered. After all, I post here day after day assuming that someone will stop by and read it … and actually like it … and even more, comment! It does me good to share my thoughts. I do enjoy reading the thoughts of others also, but my blog serves me more than anyone else. So I call upon all bloggers to jump in and help a family in crisis. Any size gift will do … and it will be neat to see just how much we’re willing to respond. So I’ll make one more appeal to head over HERE and make a contribution. I would think that with the hundreds of bloggers (millions of which stop by here daily), we ought to be able to raise $1,000 easily. And if not, we ought to be embarassed!


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