A Bit Random…

*If you get a fruitcake for Christmas, I’ll take it. I actually like them!

*If you were in trouble, would you want to see the team from Criminal Minds walking in a line across your lawn, all slow motion and serious, coming to help you? Awesome.

*I do not like to walk into an establishment and have 5 employees shouting “welcome to ________” or “good morning!”. First, they’re not even looking at you. Second, they do not expect a response. Third, what if I was trying to sneak in?

*Does it bother you, like it does me, that the Netflix popup ads evade all popup blockers? This is the ONLY pop up ad I ever see anymore. They have a special arrangement with websites … and it is an evil plot to bring back popups to the web. I will not subscribe to Netflix as long as they continue this evasive and invasive practice. Unless I want to.

*I really like the new show Men of a Certain Age … but come on… in a 40 minute show do we really need 50 anatomical refrences and 30 profanities? Are the writers struggling that much to come up with decent dialogue? Great cast, great story developing, but I’m disappointed.

*OK, Reebok,  disbelieve your ad about how your new shoes can help someone have a better butt. And really, must you fill the screen with a butt to demonstrate? I mean … the person is lying down… how much good are the shoes doing anyway? I won’t be buying your butt building shoes!

*Man, Illinois must have been really bad this year to get Gitmo Detainees for Christmas.

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