Tonight Maggy and I watched GHOST RIDER. I thought it was a really cool movie … with great special effects. The story? Well … it wasn’t exactly tense … and was a bit predictable … but it was OK. Still the cool bike stunts and the flame-on effect was pretty awesome. Theologically, the movie propogates the works / law system of righteousness. I’m sure the producers debated whether or not to have Ghost Rider redeem himself through works or grace. Maybe they should make a sequal called Grace Rider. This movie ranks along with some of the other comic book movies (Fantastic Four) with the exception of Spiderman – which surpasses my expectations every time. I would not look for a sequel. And what is Nicholas Cage doing in this movie? With black hair? He should look for a role more in keeping with his age.

Last night Maggy and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  I really can’t figure out the poster above … Harry Potter is in English, the rest in Dutch or something. I am a fan of the Potter movies, not the books. Well, I actually haven’t read any of the books and have been content to watch the movies. I’m sure the books are a richer experience. As far as the movies go, this one was the worst of the set so far – in my opinion. If I had to summarize the plot I think I would say that it takes up where the last Potter left off…and I hope it leads into the next Potter movie because not too much happened here. Harry’s adolescent angst is driving his character in this movie. But I will say that the worst of the Harry Potters is better than most movies I see. I’m sure there were very important thematic elements to this movie that will play a significant role later. But since I haven’t read all the books I am unaware of these and the movie on its own wasn’t all that great. There were some great visuals (a LOT of leftovers from previous movies … snore) but there were no flaming skeletons driving choppers through the streets. I think a theme of this film is that are some things in which it is essential for everyone to work together. My favorite line of the movie is from Ron Weasley when he says, “Maybe you don’t have to go it alone, mate.” I think that was the point of this plot. Also, something I absolutely HATE about the Harry Potter movies is the opening segment at his “home” … horrid …. it’s not funny nor is it sad because it is so goofy … I think he should never go home. The only exception was the one where the lady blew up like a balloon and floated away.

So…what have you seen lately …. and what do you recommend we see / avoid?

Have a great weekend!


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