To Texas and Back


As the sun arises to shine upon the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I’m awaiting my coffee and checking in with you! Actually, it’s been raining and I’m not sure if we’ll see the sun or not today.

This weekend Maggy and I traveled to Bay City, Texas where my brother and his family reside. Gary and Pam were married thirteen years ago. And that’s the last time I was in Bay City. We enjoyed playing with nephew Garrett and niece Abigail. We went to a downtown marketplace and shopped at the booths. We also went into an antique store and enjoyed looking at all of the neat stuff on display. Browsing through the books I purchased Randy Alcorn’s Heaven for 3 bucks!

Sunday morning we attended the Nichols Street Church of Christ. Their long time minister Joe Wrape recently retired and moved to Georgia. Their new minister will arrive from Virginia in late August. Jeff and Kera Hubbard serve as the Youth Ministers. Jeff has been preaching through the fruit of the Spirit text, and so at his request I talked about peace. This church had a crew of workers here in Pascagoula a few weeks ago and they waited until today to do their report to the congregation. This was a unique situation for me, to hear the report of a group that had just been in to help us. I was very moved by this and was hoping I could stop crying before getting up to preach. As I recounted our experience here and our dependence upon God for any peace of mind we could have, the congregation was very attentive. After the message, the deacon who leads the missions ministry presented me with a check that will get me started on the portion of my salary for 2008 that I need to raise. I was moved when the congregation applauded that gift … it was embarassing…humbling…sweet…lots of emotions. The response of the congregation following the message was so encouraging as well.

Sunday afternoon we spent being a bit lazy … playing with the kids … resting for the trip home. It was an uneventful trip home and we are blessed to wake up today in Pascagoula. Unfortunately Margaret is very sick and we are praying for her to feel better soon.

KATRINA RELIEF. We currently have three groups in working with Pascagoula – although I haven’t had the chance to meet any of them yet.    There are about 15 from the First Christian Church, New Salem Pennsylvania led by Andy Miles. Andy has been here before and we appreciate him making this long journey yet again! About 20 are here from the Central Church of Christ, Cocoa, FL, led by Chad Adkins. Chad’s father was stationed here while in the Navy and made a significant impact on the Central church in Pascagoula. Don and Brenda are fondly remembered by those who are here. I believe we helped him in preacher school … and also helped support Chad during his time in New Hamsphire serving with Adventures in Missions. This great family has led many people to Jesus Christ and continue to do so in Florida. Also we have about 17 from Nokesville, Virginia. Chasity Spittle brought the group from Greenwich Presbyterian Church. Her parents live in the area and they are staying with them while they work during the day. So, it’s quite an active week for relief here in Pascagoula.

Next week we have no workers and the following week about 20 from Hillsboro Church of Christ in Nashville and 20 or so from the North East Church of Christ in Houston, Texas. Following that … we will be awaiting word from someone else who wants to come work. Perhaps it is you?

Thanks for reading!

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