Komodos, American Idol, and iPod Recommendations

 Yesterday was one of those days where you begin with one set of plans and then have to adjust to another set of plans. I spent part of the morning at the courthouse with a friend who was up for arraignment. He will go to trial in July. We still were not able to park on the asphalt, so I did some work at home. Yesterday I walked on the hot asphalt (what was I thinking?) and melted the bottom of my shoes. I mostly wear some no-brand Crocs named Komodos. So Maggy and I loaded up JBH (grandbaby) and headed to the mall to get me another pair. I like them because they are cheap and soooo comfortable. Plus I just have to slide my feet in them and go … no tying, no trying to squeeze my feet into them. I think all of America should wear these shoes. And not walk on hot asphalt with them.

When we got home Maggy had some errands to run, so I was the babysitter of choice. Needless to say, this terrified me! Blake is eleven weeks old! We got along just fine, though. He was glad to see Nana arrive back on the scene I’m sure.

There are only 13 workers here this week from Ohio. Great set of teenagers. Maggy and I went up and served them supper last night. We enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them a little bit. And then we rushed home for …

AMERICAN IDOL. What a good night if you are a Bee Gees fan. I am a fan of some of their songs. It was not a great night for the performers, though. There are only four left. My prediction is that tonight we will say goodbye to Blake. He just doesn’t have the performance charisma of the three remaining ladies. That’s my opinion…we’ll see tonight! I will say that neither Blake nor Lakeisha did all that great last night. Jordin Sparks, however, was fantastic as usual. Melinda has always been my pick for the winner, but I think I’m going to move Jordin into that slot and have Melinda as a close second. They are both awesome singers. Only a few more weeks until that is over. Ryan is kinda buggin me with his near-beard on Tuesdays and clean shaven on Wednesdays…make up your mind! And somebody get that boy a box when he’s standing next to Jordin! He’s short! Judge Judy was in attenance last night. They should have let her be a guest judge on the panel. There were no guest judges this season … I guess because they usually stink up the show. Simon Cowell’s mother looks like she could be his sister…very young looking.

Yesterday’s pet peeve about saying babtism instead of baptism brought some other pet peeves to the surface. A few mentioned saying “Psalms 1” or “Psalms chapter 1” instead of “Psalm 1” or “the first Psalm”. That brought to mind another preacher pet peeve of mine and that is saying “Revelations” for “Revelation”. There’s only one book called “Revelation”.  How often do we hear preachers say, turn to ‘Revelations 7’ or something like that!

On the iPod. While going to Mobile today to visit with fellow ministers to finish up plans for Bible Camp in a few weeks, I’ll have a chance to listen to some of the good messages I have stored up on the iPod. I do not know how to direct link to the podcasts, so for my recommendations that follow, i can only suggest that you go to your iTunes and do a search for them. The links below are to the website of the speaker and you may be able to listen off of the website.

*Brian Houston – Hillsong Church, Australia. Besides having a fascinating accent, and having a super sense of humor, this guy puts out some very practical and very biblical material – at least what I have heard.

*NPR’s Car Talk Call of the Week. Always good for a belly laugh, the Tappan brothers dispense wisdom, humor, and advice to callers about how to repair their cars. You can listen to the entire show on the website. And I just noticed they have Car Talk coffee mugs. hmmm…. I love how they start their show. “There is nothing wrong with your iPod, you’ve simply accessed our lousy radio show.”

*The OFFICIAL Lost Podcast. Once a week, get a rehash and a ‘prehash’ of current episodes of LOST. You can always watch the current episode on the website. I love the little pieces of information they hand out … just teasers….but you feel like such an insider!

*XXXChurch. You’ll never go to sleep listening to this podcast … although it does vary in quality. Craig Goss, Clint, and JR talk about their outreach to those entrapped in the porn industry, the addictive nature of internet porn, and events set up at churches to help men escape. They sponsor Porn Sundays and men’s events called Porn & Pancakes. Some of thier podcasts are video podcasts. In the latest one they are at the porn industry convention in Miami Beach. They have a booth inside where in three days they give away 3,000 Bibles. Outside there are the picketing Christians yelling and screaming hell-fire and hate at those who wander in and out of the convention. Yelling and Screaming …. or talking and handing out Bibles …. who’s doing the most good? XXXChurch calls porn the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. They’re talking.

*The Relevant Podcast. Although it’s long (usually about an hour), it’s a great time with the editors of Relevant Magazine. It is interactive, with a message board on the website that they interact with during the show. President and CEO of Relevant Media is Cameron Strang, and along with staffers Cara Davis, Adam Smith, and Jesse Cary they have a warm, funny and thought-provoking podcast.

I’ll save some other iPod recommendations for another time. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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Well, I need to get rolling today. Thanks for reading!

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