100 Homes, American Idol, Lost, Prayer

Yesterday I enjoyed a coffee with David Kilbern at Dough Joe’s. We talked about the ambitious 100 Homes in 100 Days project. This is an excellent time for skilled workers to come and work in the poorest part of town. I don’t know if you are available, but asap we need workers who can get these folks back in their homes. The materials are provided by the sponsors… the homes are there … the work is ready … we now need all hands on deck. We have about a dozen workers from Denver here now. Saturday night twenty teenagers will arrive from Lancaster, Ohio.

Last night I taught a class at the Ocean Springs Church of Christ. They were so nice to me. It was good to see many old friends. I feel a deep camaraderie with this church because of their extensive rebuilding work and the way they hosted workers following Katrina. They have a great leadership team there, and I love them for the way they love others.  My friend Al Sturgeon is their preaching minister. I got to meet his mom last night. He’ll have to write a blog about her sometime…neat neat lady! I only made one joke about Al’s new haircut … or hair removal. I think that was fairly controlled of me. At Central, Veto Roley presented a lesson for those gathered last night.

American Idol. Although I’m sure the Cohoon’s are sad to see their homeboy Chris come home, Chris and Phil were ready to go. They were the weakest links in the show and they just couldn’t stand up to the competition from the others. Blake’s performance Tuesday night saved him for one more week, but he will really have to turn up the heat if he wants to stay in the kitchen …. sorry to destroy a metaphor like that. My picks for the top two are still Jordin and Melinda. At this point, they are all good.


LOST. Locke is back! The Brig was a whopper of an episode! Locke and Sawyer … two men driven by revenge but in different ways. Locke was unable to kill his abusive father, but arranged to have it done by proxy. Sawyer, waiting a lifetime to avenge the death of his parents was moved with rage to kill Locke’s father … but then was sickened by his own actions. So many deep themes running here. And of course so many questions. I hope the writers redeem Jack, who has become an unlikable character during this season. I also hope that Cooper’s talk about the island being Hell is not a clue to the secret of the Island. That would be bad! On the LOST podcast the writers dismissed the theory that the Island was purgatory. The only time I liked Cooper during his run on the show was when he called Ben ‘bugeye’. But it’s good to see a dispicable character who had so many opportunities for redemption to finally meet his maker. His ‘blah blah’ and tearing up of Sawyer’s letter was painful for me to watch … great drama!

Today I will say the opening prayer of repentance at the National Day of Prayer observation at the courthouse. I look forward to lifting up the name of Jesus in our community. Is your church doing anything to observe NDoP? We are not, but I wish we were. I never think about things far enough in advance to plan something. I am glad that we have a National Day of Prayer … it is certainly needed.

We have a big weekend coming up with my granddaughter’s dance recital, high school graduate recognition, and area wide teen devotional at Central.  Even though I’m tired just thinking about it, all of these are neat in their own way. Today Maggy and planned a time away sometime after camp, and I’ll tell you about that when it gets closer.

I have no links today … haven’t had time to peruse the blogs. However if you saw something really great, put a note in the comments!

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