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I spent the morning visiting with elder Jim Ingram. We enjoyed a few visits with people that we had not visited previously. Afterward we had a good lunch at Subway. That was pretty much my morning. I did several things in the afternoon … mostly mundane. One thing I have let happen is that my e-mails have piled up and there were some that needed an answer that I received in February. Sad. But now I’ve got the e-mails in my inbox down to 50 or so … a managable number. I also updated my Blogroll and Links pages on my new site located HERE. I will be working on that now and then … it will develop very slowly. I have little time to devote to it, but I hope it will be helpful and look much cooler than I am. Speaking of time limits, I am trying to get to bed a bit earlier … and my time is up!

Maybe a few more minutes (this is where I get in trouble!). Some of my friends like Danny, Al, Bobby, John, Donna and others are now in Malibu (poor things) for the Pepperdine Lectures. I hope that they all have a great time. At least a MUCH BETTER time than I had last year … a story so horrid I can not bear to repeat it. The best part was cruising down Pacific Hwy in a rented Lincoln Town Car on my way from LAX to the Lectures. It was downhill from there.

AMERICAN IDOL. Ok, tonight was awesome, you have to admit. Bon Jovi’s great songs have made many of us roll our windows down and sing out loud! Poor Jordin. As the worst performer tonight she wasn’t all that bad. But she and Melinda are the top stars of the show. I think Phil or Chris will have to pack their bags tomorrow night. But I’ve been wrong before. Blake brought the house down and he may have become a close contender to my top two with that performance tonight. But can he consistently bring it? I don’t think so. Melinda is the queen of consistently great performances.┬áSimon’s kiss was a great moment!

LOST … tomorrow night. I have a new Lost podcast on my iPod that I haven’t listened to. Just a few more episodes. Locke returns this week. Yes! In an interview one of the producers confirmed that Locke is the very heart of the show. My daughter told me tonight that she is not watching LOST. I’m concerned. However, there are the season DVDs that offer her a chance to catch up. I was able to thanks to Angie!

Here are some links I saved up during the past 24 hours that I thought you might enjoy.

 Lisa Lee said some really nice things about yours truly, but more importantly, about our need to pay attention.

Read Jason’s Testimony. How awesome is God in his power to rescue!

May is Stroke Awareness Month.

One group’s Pascagoula mission trip pics.

I didn’t know that a Catholic congregation could sue the diocese that oversees it.

Read Tommy’s Four Part Series on Eggshells. Good Thoughts Said Very Well.

Search Engine Terms that landed unsuspecting people right here:

the archer family singing group – what is it with Tim Archer and singing and my blog? lol

rick atchley blog – don’t we wish!

can you bounce in and out of salvation? – I hope they found the true answer to that one.

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