Tuesday For … Two Blog Posts?

Two blog posts in one day? Can’t get enough John Dobbs can ya? Ok, enough false pride. I’m more humble than most people I know. I have worked very hard to be this humble. I tell you humbly.

The INTERNATIONAL SOUL WINNING WORKSHOP Schedule has been posted. Looks like I’m scheduled first thing Thursday morning. Since I will be speaking at the same time as Don McLaughlin, I’m beginning a campaign to get listeners to fill a few chairs. I need free stuff to give away … “I heard John Dobbs at Tulsa” t-shirts … I’m thinking buttons and hats … and maybe a sneaker deal with Nike. Guest celebrity appearances are possible as well. You just won’t know if you’re not there.  Dusty said some super nice things about me (and some other speakers). I look forward to a great reunion in Tulsa. You’re not going to miss it, are you? As far as I know it is still the single largest gathering of folks associated with Churches of Christ in the world.

Really, though, I’m starting to sweat it. I’m wondering ….

…Should I show a controverial video like Leonard Sweet did?

…Should I recommend a book like Terry Rush does? (or throw down a referee’s flag!)

…Should I ignore the clock like Willie Franklin did? (I is the church!)

…Should I bring my son to do part of the presentation like Jeff Walling has done?

…Should I take up a cause and raise funds like Marvin Phillips does?

…Should I light 6 thousand candles like Randy Moody did?

…Should I play a cassette recording of Sandi Patty singing the Star Spangled Banner like Jim Woodroof did?

…Should I quote from 20 versions of the Bible like Mid McKnight did?

…Should I hold up a 25 year old Workshop Schedule and talk about coming to Workshop as a teenager like Craig Hicks did?

…Should I have a smoke machine and do a hip-hop dance routine like AVB did?

Well, I guess I’ll just be me … whatever that is. But after traveling to Tulsa every March for the past 20+ years, I have accumulated a wealth of awesome memories!


The First Mormon United States President?

Deadly Day at Salt Lake Mall.

Tornado Rips Through New Orleans Community.

Six Foot Sturgeon Speared. No, his name was not Al.

Pardee Butler … an interesting branch in our Restoration family tree.

Thanks for reading, again!

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