My Last Post….For November

 Did you see all those birthday greetings?  Talk about making a fellow feel good! Thanks! At lunchtime today Maggy drove me to the dining hall and I had a chance to visit with the crew from Pennsylvania. They even sang happy birthday to me! It sounded good, too. Also, my in-laws gave me the customary serenade over the phone. Of course my mom called as well. Anyway, if every ‘happy birthday’ I received today were a five dollar bill, what a rich man I would be. Hey…that gives me an idea…nevermind. Thanks, Bobbie for a cool little CD full of jazzy Christmas favorites! How nice!

Speaking of birthdays, my friend Bill Good turned 76 yesterday. He does not have a blog, but this beloved senior saint maintains an e-mail prayer list, participates in a weekly book club discussion group, participates in several e-mail diascussion groups, takes care of his pugs, loves his Doris, and has a very big influence in the Christian church to which he belongs…having served as an elder there in the past. Who says retirement is boring? I salute my seasoned citizen friend, Bill Good who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve added a bunch of new blogs to my BLOG LIST. There are millions of blogs, so this isn’t a complete list. I certainly cannot keep up with all of them. Most are associated with churches of Christ, but not all. If yours isn’t listed, but you would like it to be there, let me know. I don’t promise to list it, but I probably will.  Also, do I endorse everything written on each blog I list? Do you have to ask?


Gary Kirkendall’s second class on Why We Fight.


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Danny Dodd ponders the Kingdom reality.

Seth Simmons gets to the heart of the matter.

Tim Archer contenmplates taking the blue pill. No, not THAT blue pill. Matrix fans will understand.

Nick Gill follows up with more comments about the blue pill.

Thanks for reading!

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