Monday Notes

We had a very good Sunday at Central with several community visitors. We studied Philippians 2 in both the sermon and the Bible class. I still do not have my podcast problem solved, but hope to very soon. As is our new custom on third Sunday nights we visit an area congregation. Twenty of us visited the evening services of the Vancleave Church of Christ. We heard a good message from their minister, Buck Hall. They shortened their services by twenty minutes so that they could go to Mobile for a singing. However, we were still glad we went. When we got back in the bus to head home, we had a call from the Seabs. Sue had passed away into the arms of Jesus, where she will be safe. We rejoice for her, but our hearts are left with sadness. Please say a prayer for the Seab family, especially Fred who has lost the love of his life … until they are together again.

One week from today I will have my other carpal tunnel surgery – this time on the left hand. I’m thankful that things have gone well with my right hand. I don’t think it will be nearly the adjustment that having my right hand in a cast for a week was.

Today also marks the end of two weeks on the South Beach diet. I do not own a set of scales, but I feel assured that I have lost some weight. How much? I’m not sure. But the number on the scale is not the important factor here. I plan to continue on with just one blip on the radar: Thanksgiving day at my mother’s. I’m just going to be guarded that this is one day … not the beginning of a two-month binge!

My friend Veto Roley who works for The Mississippi Press quoted me in a news story (linked below) on hunger on the Coast. One thing that is lacking is Pascagoula is a community food bank for the impoverished. It’s been on my mind for the past few weeks that there ought to be one place where people can go for food … instead of having to hoof it to ten different churches to get a bag of green beans from each one. It also seems to me that all of the churches in town would welcome such an effort and contribute food and funding to keep it open. Does your community have a place like that? Why wouldn’t Christians volunteer to staff it … and keep a database so that we can make sure we get the most of what we have to the most deserving people? I’m sure there are organizations that would also provide materials. Anyway…it’s been on my mind and I do not know what will come of that.

According to the Poverty USA website, a Catholic outreach, Mississippi is first on the list of states that has the greatest percent of people living below the poverty level (17% of the population).  We are second in terms of having the largest percentage of children living in poverty.

 The following is a repeated paragraph from Saturday’s blog … but for those who do not read on the weekend and might not check back:

Thirsty For God is the theme of an evangelistic outreach at Central for 2007. Plans are currently being made for a kick-off week January 28-February 4. Only my friends (who know I’m a sports ignoramus) will believe me when I say that I was using this ‘kick-off’ terminology long before I knew that February 4 was ’super Sunday’. Anyway, we hope to have a week where we can stir up some Bible studies and interest using the contacts we already have. Following that, we would like to keep two – four people here at all times who are only going to be following up, continuing studies, and working with those we have reached. They will also be mentoring people in our church by taking them with them on visitation and study efforts. If you are interested in participating and being in on the ground floor of the planning, please feel free to join our Yahoo! Group called GodThirst.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving week!


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