Saturday on the Coast

Early this morning our new friends from Danville, Kentucky left for home. I pray that they had a safe journey as they rejoined their families. I appreciate so much what they brought with them … willing and capable hands … big smiles … and the love of Jesus Christ. After 15 months and thousands of these precious souls, I’m a bit repetitious when I speak of them. How many ways can we say ‘thank you’? Well, I don’t know. I just know that we have been surrounded by angels of mercy sent from the Father’s hand. I don’t know of any workers this coming week until Saturday night. Tom Hixson, a friend from Pennsylvania, will arrive with a crew of ten skilled workers for the week.

Heavy on my mind is the Seab family. Many of our volunteers will, no doubt, remember Debbie Seab who helps in the kitchen so much. Debbie’s mother-in-law, Sue, is in the hospital and not expected to live much longer. Sue is 80, has lived the past many years in pain, and yet has always been present to worship in the assembly with a smile. She truly lived to serve other people, and in that way has endeared herself into many hearts. Pray for her family as she prepares for her victorious entrance into a new life. Were we not Christians, there would be no hope. But since we trust Christ we believe His promises. His grave remains empty. We are only sad for our loss, not for her gain in Jesus.

Today we had a work day at our building. A few people showed up to help. Remember – a ‘few’ were saved on the ark – you’re getting the idea! We enjoyed working together, though, and a lot was accomplished around the church building. We are ready to put some wood flooring down in two classrooms. The carpet is here and hopefully will be installed before too long. Things are progressing rapidly at Central’s meeting place.

Thirsty For God is the theme of an evangelistic outreach at Central for 2007. Plans are currently being made for a kick-off week January 28-February 4. Only my friends (who know I’m a sports ignoramus) will believe me when I say that I was using this ‘kick-off’ terminology long before I knew that February 4 was ‘super Sunday’. Anyway, we hope to have a week where we can stir up some Bible studies and interest using the contacts we already have. Following that, we would like to keep two – four people here at all times who are only going to be following up, continuing studies, and working with those we have reached. They will also be mentoring people in our church by taking them with them on visitation and study efforts. If you are interested in participating and being in on the ground floor of the planning, please feel free to join our Yahoo! Group called GodThirst.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with God’s people. Find someone who looks lonely and sit by them. Give someone a warm smile and listen to what they have to say. Give a call to someone you noticed was missing. Seek opportunities to reach out … they are all around you. God bless you and thank you for reading.