Late Night Tuesday on the Coast

Thanks for all of your comments and prayers for James, and your encouraging comments for our work here. We did not see James much the next day (Monday). He needs your prayers, for sure. Even though I’m pretty sure he is not willing to give up drugs yet, his conscience moves him toward the right path. Perhaps He will follow that path sometime soon. I believe he can be helped. His story is reflective of the life that we can fall into because of substance abuse. There are few families that can claim that they are free from that influence. A short glance at the family tree will show that we are all affected by this choice that ruins lives.

This week saw some significant changes to our church building. As many of you know, we have put off repairing our building so that we could serve our community first. This is not lost on our guests and many have commented about this aspect of our work. I am convicted that it was the right thing to do and appreciate our leaders for their heart in this matter. Yesterday a crew from Kentucky and Florida used a machine that stripped the tiles from our floor in the auditorium. Central folks Jim Ingram, Mac McGuire, and John Robert Dobbs, along with volunteers, toted garbage cans full of old floor tile to the dumpster most of the day. The pews were moved out that night and the next morning the cement truck arrived.

Our auditorium floor is sloped downward almost 3/4 of the way toward the front where it takes a slpe upward to the pulpit. Our borrowed pews have been rocking and sliding on these sloped floors for months now. Today cement was poured in the building and we now have an even floor that will allow us to easily utilize any seating arrangement we choose. It also creates a large space that can be used for more purposes than the old floor allowed. I think the next big project is to deal with the overhead lighting. It is designed in such a way that insulation blows down into the lights and it always looks bad. I’m not sure HOW this will be done. Next I’m sure we will be ordering chairs, painting, and laying carpet. Anyone want to come help?

I look forward Wednesday night to our Central Family Devotional. We will set out the tables and chairs received from Healing Hands International some months ago. We will also have the opportunity to hear Lee Robison speak. Lee has been the minister for the Sarasota Christian Church for twenty five years. He is an engaging brother who tells me that their congregation is involved in cooperative efforts in Sarasota with some of the churches of Christ there.

This is the first time I’ve talked about volunteers in a while, because it is the first time we’ve had any in a while! There is also a group that is staying at the TLC (volunteer housing provided by the county). They are from Colorado and have been very interested in our work. The church of Christ at Eva, Alabama will be returning this weekend for yet another trip. They have made several. We also have a group of high schoolers coming in from Franklin, TN.  Floyd from Florence has been here for a week or so and is working hard as well. We are so blessed to have great people working with us! You see very few volunteers in Pascagoula these days.

I was able to visit for a little while with Robbie today. He is pictured here with Keith. Keith is the brother who was hit by a truck on his way to work … riding a bicycle. He has a great spirit and is healing up nicely. I thank God for these men and others like them who have such genuine hearts and who look for ways to be of help to others. When they face adversities, they get back up on their feet and trust God to see them through. I admire them in many ways.

 While I was posting tonight, the midnight hour has arrived. So, I will say goodnight…even though most of you will be reading this tomorrow. Anyway, I’m glad you read and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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