Birds and Brooms


The first words I heard this morning were: “John, there’s a bird in our house.”

I can think of better things to hear first in the morning, and worse things of course.

So my sleepy mind started to formulate a plan. Not being fully alert I had in mind a box with peanut butter in the bottom of it… patient waiting for the bird to find it. I decided I better find out what kind of bird it was. It could have been one of those gigantic black grackles or a harmless little finch. It was neither, but thankfully it was a beautiful Carolina Wren. I love these little birds and see them often on the backyard feeder.

Now Mrs. Maggy had every light in the house on and was holding a broom. I’m not sure what she had planned, but I didn’t think that would work. She told me the flight path of the bird and I decided it was following the light. (“Go to the light, Carol Ann” came to mind!)

So I turned off all the lights in the kitchen and told Maggy to turn the light on in the foyer where she was standing by the open front door, still holding the broom. I wonder if the neighbors were watching and wondering

It took four or five tries. He kept hopping from the dining room light to the top of the Christmas tree, flying into a mirror, then to the top of a fake decorative tree, back to the light. But finally he went to the light in the foyer and barely touched down before eyeing the open front door. Off he went into the front yard where he could forage for food and sing his happy songs. Only then did Maggy put down the broom.

That I was able to figure out a plan to help the bird make his way back out into nature proves one thing.

I’ve got a bird brain.

Merry Christmas little wren. I hope we all find our way by following the Light, especially this week.